Nokia 1680 for T-Mobile

10 Oct 2008 | T-Mobile | 0 comments


T-Mobile has added another entry-level phone. Perhaps T-Mobile wants to cater more to their thrifty subscribers which is why they're adding more inexpensive phones to their line-up. Whatever their reason may be, it's nice to find more basic mobile phones that gives you just what you really need. Come on, if you want to take photos then buy a digital camera, if you want to listen to music then go buy yourself an iPod or something. You'll get better quality products that costs much less than buying a phone that offers you with the same features.

Nokia 1680 is just a basic bar-style phone that can pretty much offer you just what you need. It has a VGA camera that is ready to take snap photos just in case you find something you just have to take a picture of, it also has video capture and a speakerphone that comes in handy while driving. It can send and receive SMS, MMS and instant messages too.

The style of the phone is pretty basic too. It has a candy bar design but T-Mobile will only offer the black 1680. It has a battery life of 4 hours talk time. If you're aware of the different Nokia models ever produced you'd know that this phone is not at all new. It's already considered a classic but nonetheless, it's a practical and inexpensive phone which is just perfect for thrifty cellphone users.

Nokia's 1680 bar-style phone is available now for just $15 after signing the new agreement with rebate from T-Mobile. You can learn about it more by checking T-Mobile's site.