Motorola and Verizon's newly announced new handsets

7 Oct 2008 | Motorola | 0 comments


Motorola and Verizon had just recently announced two new addition to their list of mobile phones. These two phones have GPS feature that allows users to navigate their way using Verizon's VZ Navigator service. No need to buy your own GPS gadget when your phone already has one, right?

Motorola's new VU30 and VU204 clamshell mobile phones will be available anytime this year and they won't rip a hole on your pockets for sure! So what do these two new mobile phones have to offer?

The VU30 Rapture mobile phone has a touch-sensitive external display which can be used if you want to access your camera or your music applications. It has a 2 megapixel camera and a stereo bluetooth. It supports microSD cards that can have up to 8 GB of memory. The VU30 can also get music via Verizon's Rhapsody over the air downloading service where you can choose and buy different songs. This nice new mobile phone will cost you only $130 when you sign up for Verizon's new agreement.

The second phone, the Moto VU204, on the other hand is just an entry level phone with basic features really. Aside from having GPS, it has a simple VGA camera, USB port and stereo Bluetooth. This phone costs only $30 after rebate with Verizon's new agreement as well.

So, if you just want a not-so-expensive mobile phone for your needs and you're always on the go, these two mobile phones would be really great for you. They'd soon be available so stay tuned.