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Good news for the iPhone - Flash is coming

2 Oct 2008 | Apple | 2 comments


Attention to all iPhone users. Soon you'd enjoy browsing the internet even more because Adobe has heard your pleas and they are now working on Flash for iPhones. With a flash player, browsing the internet would be much more enjoyable. Have you seen those flash-enabled online games and other flash interactives? It's annoying to most iPhone users who are disappointed with the lack of the flash feature for their iPhones but now they can start to rejoice! But, don't get too excited. The Adobe team is still working on this new feature and no word has been said yet as to when this new feature will be released.

But, nonetheless, having good news such as this is worth getting excited about. We all know how the iPhone lacks some of the very basic online features such as this one and we're all just glad that Apple is working to fill up what they lack. After the installation of the Flash player on the iPhone, what would they work for next? It's time for all the iPhone users to share your ideas once again and let our voices be heard.

adobe flash on apple iphone


by Andy on Oct 2, 2008

Great idea - I can study the CCNA on my phone while on the train!

by Potomac Will on Oct 3, 2008

The issue is not only about watching videos. Some online stores rely completely on Flash and one cannot shop them without Flash. Other sites use Flash for menus and other navigational contols. Bad design? Yes, but ...

Another problem: sometime I need to cut and paste a URL, but that function is not available. Also, where is the browser's page search function?