LG VX5500 now available from Verizon Wireless

31 Oct 2008 | LG , Verizon Wireless | 2 comments

Verizon has just launched a new addition to their LG mobile phones lineup. The LG VX5500 is nothing fancy and it comes at a bargain price! The LG VX5500's features include; a VGA camera that can take photos and videos,...

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AT&T offers free Wi-Fi to iPhone and BlackBerry users

30 Oct 2008 | Apple , BlackBerry , RIM , att | 1 comment

AT&T today announced that it has started offering free Wi-Fi services to iPhone and BlackBerry customers. AT&T currently owns the largest Wi-Fi network in the US, with over 17,000 hotspots, which include Startbucks, Barnes & Noble and more. Only...

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Google's Android-based G1 smartphone launched in the UK

30 Oct 2008 | Google , Smartphone , Software , T-Mobile | 0 comments

Big lines in the UK today. T-Mobile has started selling the new G1 smartphone, Google's first Android-based handset. According to a T-Mobile spokesperson, about 25,000 people have registered their interest in the Google phone since its US launch last month....

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iPhone 2.2 to support direct podcast downloads

30 Oct 2008 | Apple , Software | 2 comments

Here's another cool new feature from the iPhone (and iPod Touch) 2.2 firmware that should have been implemented from the start - the ability to download podcasts directly to the iPhone, without having to sync with your computer. Recently, an...

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