Motorola Q9h Silver- it's more than just a makeover

26 Sep 2008 | Motorola | 1 comment


Motorola Q9h had a makeover and the new Motorola Q9h Silver had sprouted. Many concluded that the Silver version is nothing but a makeover with no extra features that would make it stand out compared to the Q9h. Now, many were proven wrong. The new Q9h Silver did not just get a new paintjob but it has something that would make your life a little bit easier. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration but with this new feature, updating your phone's firmware would be a lot easier than how it used to be.

This is a special request by AT&T and Motorola thought of a way to provide just that. The Firmware Over the Air or FOTA updates is the most important feature you'll find in the new Q9h Silver. Its name says it all actually, your Motorola Q9hS phone will get an over the air update of its firmware as administered by AT&T. Bug fixes and other updates will be placed on the AT&T's FOTA server and your phone will alert you of a new update and just by pressing on the accept button, your phone will be updated and it will reset. It's that easy and your firmware would always be up to date!


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by Alan on Sep 26, 2008

The best just got better!