HTC's Android powered gPhone to sell for $199

18 Sep 2008 | Google , HTC , Smartphone , T-Mobile | 4 comments


With little time left until the official announcement, the Wall Street Journal claims that the first Google Android based device will be selling for $199 with a 2-year contract, which puts it in direct competition with the Apple iPhone, also priced at $199.

Earlier this week, we got official word that Google and T-Mobile are getting ready to launch the new HTC Dream at a press event in New York City on September 23.

Feature wise, we don't know much about the HTC Dream. It will have a large touchscreen with haptic feedback that slides to the side to unveil a full QWERTY keypad, dedicated buttons for easy access.

We'll have more info next Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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by Gregg on Sep 18, 2008

hopefully that screen will slide and not swivel. all in all it looks pretty good for a starter phone and I would like to see it on the Touch HD as well

by Anonymous Coward on Sep 19, 2008

not impressed, everybody wants to be like AT&T and it's powerful iphone... Tmobiles gphone will not beat AT&T iPhone ... Like come on a gphone? AT&T iPhone 3G all the way... Besides apple will have suprising features in the future.. Nothing beats the iPhone 3G

by Victoria on Sep 23, 2008

Yeahhhhhhhh OK Anonymous.
Your stupid.
Google vs. Apple?
i have t-mobile; and im excited
to get this phone when it comes out.
ive had a sidekick 3 for like 3 years,
& i cant WAIT to get this one.

by Anonymous Coward on Sep 23, 2008

these phones are all equally capable of running the same software and services. It's just a matter of when the respective companies decide to make them open source. History would tell us the google see a massive Market for open source software so will probably be the first to offer a "seriously complete" package. However if apple are famous for anything it's spotting the band wagon and jumping aboard just in time. The iPhone will soon be flash and microsoft compatable making it the Market leader it always should have been.