P9522 phone from Sagem

30 Sep 2008 | Other | 0 comments

Sagem and Porsche had teamed up for the second time around and made the second version of their "Porsche-inspired" mobile phones. The Porsche P9522 phone has just been recently unveiled and it makes those Porsche fanatic's eyes water with delight!...

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The GreenHeart Concept Phone from Sony Ericsson

29 Sep 2008 | Sony Ericsson | 0 comments

Sony Ericsson had presented their new environmental concept phone last week which they call as the GreenHeart phone. This phone is not designed to be sold in the market but rather, to prove that a phone that is environmentally friendly...

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Motorola Q9h Silver- it's more than just a makeover

26 Sep 2008 | Motorola | 1 comment

Motorola Q9h had a makeover and the new Motorola Q9h Silver had sprouted. Many concluded that the Silver version is nothing but a makeover with no extra features that would make it stand out compared to the Q9h. Now, many...

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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic- Announcement on October 2?

25 Sep 2008 | Nokia | 0 comments

Rumor has it that the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, formerly known as The Tube, will be announced on October 2. Whether this is true or not, we just have to find out in a week! For sure there are thousands of...

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Windows Mobile 7 release is delayed

24 Sep 2008 | Microsoft , Software | 0 comments

Bad news for all who anticipated the release of Windows Mobile 7. First they said it will arrive early of 2009 but now they have officially announced that their release date would be delayed. Why? We can not answer that...

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