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Apple releases iPhone / iPod Touch 2.0.1 firmware

5 Aug 2008 | Apple , Software | 4 comments


Apple has finally released the highly awaited update for the 2.0 iPhone and iPod Touch firmware. So if you have one, just hook it up and hit the update button.

The 246 MB update doesn't have any new features, except for bug fixes, which is more than satisfying, considering all the annoyances we had to go through in 2.0.

Some of the things we've noticed so far:

  • Safari loading pages faster
  • camera app loading faster
  • SMS typing faster
  • iTunes also seems to back up a lot faster than previously.
  • passcode lock input faster
iphone ipod touch 2.0.1


by Mike on Aug 5, 2008

finally!! downloading now!

by Raiden on Aug 6, 2008

I try it, but doesn`t work, " error instaling firmware, maybee it`s damaged" come`s like this...

And i have a new iphone with 3 days... is this normal?

Sorry my english, cause i speak german

by Archu on Aug 13, 2008

I installed it..
had a few problems with it..
wen ever i type my password.. it will show the last character i typed and rest with the * character..

by Zac Efron on Aug 16, 2008

Yey, Vanessa and I are downloading the update to our iPhones now. I must be sure to tell Ashley about this.