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Sony Ericsson rolls out another Walkman phone, the W902

22 Jul 2008 | Sony Ericsson | 56 comments


sony ericsson w902 1The second phone announced today by Sony Ericsson was yet another Walkman phone, the W902. After the terrible second quarter the company had, we're starting to wonder if the Walkman line will become the new RAZR.

Either way, the features of the W902 Walkman Phone are pretty sweet: 2.2" 262k color TFT, QVGA (240x320 pixels) display, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and video capture/playback, SMS/MMS/IM, stereo Bluetooth with A2DP, 25 MB of memory, Memory Stick Micro (M2) card slot, 8GB M2 card included in the box, Shake Control, FM Radio, Java and Google Maps.

Sony Ericsson will start shipping the W902 in Q4 2008 for an unknown price, just like the previously announced W595.

sony ericsson w902 2
sony ericsson w902 3


by michael on Jul 24, 2008

how much is the sony ericson walkman w595

by Waheed Rind on Jul 28, 2008

THe famous saying about sony that it does not sleep.had been confirmed by this new handset

by LaNcHiCa on Jul 29, 2008

hello....I wan't THIS mobile but I can't found it in my country...I live in Croatia...This Cell Phone is great...thx

by Chrisss. on Jul 30, 2008

Has anyone got any idea when this comes out in england?

price is no obsitcle

by Jose on Aug 4, 2008

When does this mobile come out in spain ??

by Seggi on Aug 13, 2008

How much this sony ericsson w902 and what the month this phone come in market ?

by Gloria on Aug 15, 2008

How much is SE W902, I really like it and when it comes out in Indonesia?

by Dom on Aug 19, 2008

come out in september 2008

by amy on Aug 20, 2008

having to do some of my research on this phone i think that its going to be very expensive because of all different type of features it has in it. i advise you to save about 200 or more pounds because its looks one of the best

by u wish to know my name on Aug 24, 2008

I like this mobile..when is coming up in Roumania??

by jung on Aug 24, 2008

W595 or W902 gud????
i tink W902 gud gua~

by Bloosh on Aug 24, 2008

The phone will unfortunately be released after the holy month of Ramadan. Which means in and around the month of October.
And the starting price of this marvelous phone is at
BD200(bahraini dinar 200) in my country which is the kingdom of bahrain.
for the conversion of BD 200 to your currency please visit this site:
And for the comparison between two or more phone you can visit the official site of Sony ericsson where the phones feature are also listed.
PS this phone rocks!!!

by pammu on Sep 1, 2008

whats the cost of w902 in india

by Nanna on Sep 2, 2008

This mobile is so cool. Gotta have it. Anyone who knows if it's coming to Denmark in october as well???

by haris on Sep 2, 2008

wow it is a cool $ slim mobile. ilike it very well

by *** m2 *** on Sep 6, 2008

this mobile have a cover for its camera or no ?!

by Phone Maniak on Sep 12, 2008

Yes it does.

by SE owner on Sep 25, 2008

This phone has very similar features to the w890i. In fact, this is the successor as mentioned in various online forums by leaked SE sources!

The main differences that this phone has over the w890i:
1. M2 8gb is included instead of buying one
2. Actual 5MP camera with AZ and flash!
3. Um... Upgraded headphones (who cares! Use your own via 3.5mm adaptor)!
4. Oh... Higher price.
- Word is... est. USD ~$699! Ouch!

Buy the w890i and save yourself some money!

by Simme on Oct 3, 2008

when is this handy coming up in germany ??
i think this handy is very well, but i don't know what it cost?! can you help me?
lg simme

by SE on Oct 4, 2008

Basically, SE took the C902 and added a music player and renamed it to W902.

Anyone else notice the similarities??

by Mallez on Oct 10, 2008

This phone have everything it's awsome and it looks good XD yhea rock on sony ericsson!

by Tou on Oct 24, 2008

How much is the sony ericsson w 902?

by Tou on Oct 24, 2008

And when it come to Cambodia? and when it come to Cambodia how much it is?

by NAA on Oct 27, 2008


by josh on Nov 10, 2008

I used to have a W810i, but now i bought this baby.

I really like the w902!
If you want to see the phone in action, have a look at this vid i made about the phone:

by Martin on Nov 10, 2008

Just bought this phone and my god is it the sweetest thing i've ever laid my hands on.

by rahul on Nov 15, 2008

Hi martin., What is the cost of W902. Is it realy good?

by Chelsie Williamson =P on Nov 18, 2008

I ReALLY lIKE The Sony Ericsson W902. How Much Is It ?

by Private on Nov 18, 2008

Its 450 euros haha..!!!
Buh im still gettiin iit :P

by ben on Nov 29, 2008

how much is the w902?

by danje on Dec 3, 2008

...the thing looks hot,i wonder wen it will come to kenya!!!cant wait to lay my hands on it...

by tej on Dec 11, 2008

when does the w902 release in india??

by raju on Dec 17, 2008

Sony ericsson w 902 price in india 16200 available in market

by caz on Dec 28, 2008

hi has it been release in the UK yet and if it has where can i buy it, what network can you get and how much will cost on pay as you go or on pay monthly?

i really want this phone.

by caz on Dec 28, 2008

has it been release in the UK yet and if it has where can i buy it, what network can you get on and how much will cost ?
i really want this phone.

by caz on Dec 28, 2008

sorry wrote on here 2 times lol
someone please help me
i want this phone

by Linn on Jan 9, 2009

How thinn is it??

by .... on Jan 26, 2009

how many contacts can this phone store?

by rohan on Feb 3, 2009

how much does w 902 costs

by apai on Feb 7, 2009

this is pretty damn cool,stylo everything is perfect,nice phone will get this type soon

by ajay on Feb 8, 2009

what is the price of w902 in india?

by lokesh on Feb 10, 2009

how much prise is the 902 in india

by Srikanth on Feb 12, 2009

Hi this is notty Srikanth. I Love Sony Ericsson W902 its an Ultinmate mobile for Music lovers. Its having absolute options in music. Its style is simply Superb. We can load upto 8000 songs, and by coming to Camera it was having 5 MP with flash. W902 Price around Rs14, 500 -15800. What Else U want from this Mobile.

by Pranay on Feb 15, 2009

hey guys i don think that w902 has launched in indian market!!coz on official site on sony ericcson i didnt see nething abut this phone!!!plz reply abt confirm news w8in for this phone 4m 6 months!!!

by Vishal on Feb 28, 2009

where in India is it available for 14,500 - 15,800 ???
Please specify ?
I want to buy !!!

by venkat on Feb 28, 2009

wow i am very like w902. i want one w902 mobile.

by babu on Feb 28, 2009

w902 is a leader is all walkman phones. w902 is how much price in india. please call 080-9740148960.

by Alien on Mar 1, 2009

Am very much dissapoint that this device has not been release yet in India till now....
I don't know why sony delaying this one to be release on India...

everyone is waiting for this...
let me know exactly when it will be available...
Frustrating abt this release... hence rethinking for other mobile...

bye for now...

by sachin on Mar 4, 2009

w902 is best mobile,very nice look,is a 2way mobile(cyber shot & walkman),
i like it,what is the price & where available in india?
i think price is $400 (RS.20400)
please specify ?
I want to buy now !!!!!!!!!!!!

by Taniya on May 27, 2009

That's an excellent mobile, the prices for this and other Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobiles can be found here

by Anand on Jun 20, 2009

very nice phone i like very much

by Aadil Ahmed on Jun 30, 2009

Hey this one of the best mobile i have seen..could you please tell me were is it available in INDIA..and the Price, if you could let me know that would be great:)

by sam on Sep 9, 2009

whats the cost of w902 in india

by kbm on Sep 27, 2009

excellent phone........notthing to comment on this piece........the music played in this mobile is outstanding........great phone........if u r importing from us.......make sure the phone is of fully unlocked version....... i got the piece frm us through my bro.......

by kbm on Sep 27, 2009

it is of 372$ in us......quality of camera is also feels great holding this piece.......

by jet on Aug 20, 2010

i have this cellphone. but its broken :( 'coz i put many games in my w902.