RIM's BlackBerry Thunder: Yet Another iPhone Clone?

13 Jul 2008 | BlackBerry , RIM , Smartphone | 20 comments


You might have heard of Research in Motion getting ready to launch a full touchscreen Blackberry smartphone. Finally, we have more evidence. CrackBerry got hold of two leaked pictures of RIM's newest toy, the BlackBerry Thunder 9500.

Some of the features of the Thunder include multi-touch glass display with tactile response, which gives you a feedback whenever you push a button, full QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode and SureType keyboard in portrait mode.

At a first glance, it does look a lot like the iPhone. And who can blame them? Everybody is trying to come up with something that can compete with Apple's device. If Samsung's Instinct managed to break away from being just another iPhone clone to selling actual units, I'm sure BlackBerry won't have problems either.

What do you think? iPhone or BBT?

blackberry thunder qwerty

blackberry thunder suretype


by Joey on Jul 14, 2008

iPhone, not doubt.. I mean look at it! All the BlackBerry juice couldn't save this one. Come one people! BE MORE CREATIVE. Stop imitating Apple!

by scott on Jul 14, 2008

Way to bash the thunder before it comes out!!! you haven't even used the phone and already think it sucks!!!

by Joey on Jul 14, 2008

It's a clone Scott... do you expect this to be better than the original? it's just a remake. there's nothing new to see.

by matt on Jul 14, 2008

joey: first, please go and learn yo'self some proper spelling and grammar. and second, for the love of all that is holy (and some things that are unholy), please try to refrain from being such a douche-y fanboy.

by Joey on Jul 14, 2008

matt: what's my spelling got to do with the fact that this phone is a CLONE?? How can anybody say this phone is any good? or any other of the clones?

by the way, I checked my spelling. please tell me where I went wrong.

by ifan on Jul 14, 2008

Don't get wrong, I love Apple products, but I rather have a BlackBerry looking like an iPhone, than an actual iPhone.

I mean, the iPhone can't even copy and paste and it doesn't feature MMS. We're in 2008, ffs! Little things matter, Apple. The faster you learn that, the better!

by Pablo on Jul 14, 2008

you said " not doubt" instead of no doubt
I hate it when people make spelling errs.

by Anonymous Coward on Jul 14, 2008

ifan u from Michigan ? Cause I know someone that uses that nickname

by Joey on Jul 14, 2008

there's a HUGE difference between a typo and a spelling mistake. It still doesn't change the fact that the blackberry will fail.

it will probably sell more than the Instinct, but that's about it.

by K on Jul 14, 2008

Does the IPhone have tactile feedback?

by Norbert on Jul 14, 2008

K: It doesn't. I can't see how they missed that feature in the new 3G iPhone.

by ThunderStuck! on Jul 14, 2008

Iphone Shmyphone....in China get a knockoff Myphone.

Iphone still have terrible voice quaility and most dropped calls. No video? Cut and paste still?


by Jon on Jul 14, 2008

Tbh guys, I think you all need to cut the crap and wait for a product to test. End of the day is the iPhone not just a rip off of the SE 950i (think its that one anyway).

All blackberry and apple for that matter are doing is following the trends, that being touchscreen!

As a designer I use apple products day in day out, but I love my blackberry to bits, so until I can compare the two units side by side then I will sit undecided.

Gee fan boys get right up my nose, the word brainwashed doesn't even cover it!

by Gwalachmai on Jul 15, 2008

Looks a lot like the 8800 series to me, without a keyboard. If that makes it an iphone clone, then you should go look at the release date of the 8800.

by silvermanr on Jul 16, 2008

Why can't this come to Sprint too? I t seems as if Sprint is always getting crap while the cool stuff like Thunder goes to VZW ot IPhone to ATT????

by deg on Jul 21, 2008

Why do everyone think that as soon as a fullscreen touch phone comes out, it's an iPhone clone?

People have to grow up.

by Anonymous Coward on Aug 12, 2008

because all touchscreen phones look the same therefor people go omg its a iphone clone iphone is old news wow the just updated it for 3g still dosent have mms

by Adrian on Oct 16, 2008

hmm the power of blackberry with the iphones layout. My money is on the blackberry being a more powerful and useful second gen of the new "iphone clone" age

by MIKE on Oct 27, 2008

Um... Does the iphone have an accelerometer in it like the BB?