T-Mobile launches $10-a-month landline service

27 Jun 2008 | T-Mobile | 7 comments


T-Mobile USA introduced this week a new $10 internet phone service called T-Mobile @Home, which lets customers place unlimited nationwide calls with their landline phones over broadband.

The service will also be compatible with HotSpot@Home, which uses a Wi-Fi router to handle calls from Wi-Fi enabled T-Mobile phones when in range, and the T-Mobile's cellular network. This way, customers can use their mobile phones at home without reducing their mobile minutes.

T-Mobile also said that their new service was a huge success in test markets like Dallas and Seattle where 97% of all customers who qualified switched to T-Mobile @Home.

T-Mobile's new @Home service, will officially launch on July 2 and will be an add-on service for current T-Mobile mobile phone subscribers. It also requires a $50 router, sold separately by T-Mobile.

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by Glynis Bethel on Jul 9, 2008

GOD is good.
I would need more information. Do I have to keep my old phone?

by Angie on Jul 9, 2008

Glynis: You do not need to keep your old landline phone or phone number.

T-Mobile sells VTech cordless phones. The VTech phones have a blinking voicemail indicator on both the base and handset as well as a phone book directory. Included are a base, an extra charging unit, and two handsets; additional units can be purchased directly through VTech.

You may, if you choose to, port your primary home phone number. Otherwise you will be assigned a phone number. Porting landline numbers can take several days to complete.

You also need to have T-Mobile mobile service ($39.99 or higher individual or $49.99 or higher family plan). If you need both home and mobile service, you can't get a better value!

by Heather on Jul 12, 2008

I think this is a good idea and a great way to beat the phone companies. One thing that I think they need to do is offer the service and waive the $50 fee for the router. That is stopping me from switching.

by Paul Engel on Aug 13, 2008

-I only have local landline service for $25 monthly.
-With broadband, I could get VOIP for $25 ($50 total).
-Charter offers broadband, phone, & TV for $70 ($100 from Time Warner & AT&T U-verse).
-Paying $75 for broadband, mobile service, and free landline calls (without TV) doesn't attract me, but I'm in the minority.

by david on Aug 20, 2008

lets cut to the chase how much do I have to put upfront to get this service

by D.E. Hambly on Sep 1, 2008

There must be a catch or hidden exrta fees, as $10.00 a month seems to be an unbelieveable price?

by HSouixz on Dec 3, 2008

The initial cost outlay for TMobile@home (as of Dec 2008 should be as follows:
$40.00 for the router
$35.00 for the one time activation fee.
The service is $10.00/monthly.
A 14 day trial is allowed, and a 2 yr plan is commitment required. You can purchase TMobile's $99.00/monthly all inclusive plan and the plans service usage will be the same for the HotSpot@Home. Giving you unlimited national and local service both home and away(mobile cell phone) for $109.00 total before taxes. International calling and Text/Pictures Messages and T-Web are not avail at home; however. All other inclusive services do apply with no additional charges. If you are an existing TMobile customer make the addition to HotSpot@Home on the 1st day of your new billing cycle and it provides a month cushion to absorb the start up costs.