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Nokia E71 multimedia computer announced

16 Jun 2008 | Nokia | 6 comments


The second device introduced by Nokia today in London was the Nokia E71, a multimedia device also part of its E series business lineup.

Considering that it's only 10mm thick, Nokia still managed to cram a full QWERTY keyboard and a lot more features inside the E71. Just like the previously announced E66, the Nokia E71 comes equipped with a QVGA screen, a 3.2 megapixel camera, a secondary camera for video calls, WiFi, HSDPA and Assisted GPS.

The battery life is even greater than the one found on the E66: 10.5 hours on GSM, 4.5 hours on 3G and an impressive 20 days on standby. Unfortunately, the two devices also share the same amount of internal storage device of 110MB, which can be increased to 8GB thanks to the built-in microSD card slot.

Another negative feature the E71 has in common with the E66 is the price. Users will have to pony up around €350 ($540) next month when Nokia will start shipping the device.

nokia e71 white
nokia e71 chocolate

nokia e71 back


by todd on Jun 16, 2008

is this coming to us? and if yes, when? it looks like an awesome phone, even though the pricing is a bit high.

by on Jun 16, 2008

Well i believe if i have my own E71 series i don't think that is necessary for me to think oo laptop ,i like it thanks .UP NOKIA.eze.

by aboooda on Oct 15, 2008

i have one >> its great mobile

by C o n f u s e d =) on Dec 17, 2008

are the small buttons annOying ??..=)

by Reviewer on Feb 20, 2009

Awesome phone, my boyfriend has it and he loves it. It's got great features and it's required plan isn't pricey at all!

by alex on Sep 11, 2009

oooooooooooooooh my god its hard to belive but it is true we finaly got the extra best thanks to nokia.