iPhone 3G is official, shipping for $199 on July 11

9 Jun 2008 | Apple | 2 comments


After long months filled with leaks and blurry pictures, Apple finally introduced the 3G iPhone at a far better price. We all knew this update was coming, if not for the leaks, then for the international carriers around the world announcing a summer launch of the iPhone.

Apple is launching its new iPhone with Assisted-GPS and a better the same 2.0 megapixel camera. There won't be a front camera for video conferencing. Battery life now supports 300 hours of standby, up to 10 hours on 2G, 5 hours on 3G and 6 hours on Wi-Fi.

For existing iPhone and iPod Touch users, the 2.0 firmware will become available in early July. Apple will be offering this update for free to iPhone users, but people with iPod Touches will have pony up an extra $10 for the update, which will include the App Store, full iWork document support that lets users view Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Microsoft Office documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

2.0 also brings update to the Mail app, giving users bulk delete, move capabilities and allowing them to save images from emails in their photo library.

The new iPhone 3G will be launched in 70 countries this year and will be shipping in the US on July 11 for $199 for the 8GB (black) model and $299 for the 16GB (black and white).

Update: Click here for more pictures of the iPhone 3G.

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by tony on Jun 9, 2008

I was really hoping that the 2.0 firmware will be available starting today. At least they could have given the iPod Touch users an earlier launch.

I mean .. we pay for it, why not get it faster? I just formatted my jailbroken ipod just before the event! I was really looking forward to the new apps... oh well.

by yair marx on Jun 9, 2008

wrong, there camera is not better, its the same one. what a letdown....