BlackBerry Bold 9000 3G phone announced by RIM, AT&T exclusive

12 May 2008 | BlackBerry , RIM , Smartphone , att | 42 comments


blackberry bold 9000Research in Motion has officially unwrapped their newest smartphone today, the BlackBerry Bold 9000, a massive upgrade to their existing BlackBerry handsets.

The Bold features a HVGA (480 x 320 pixels) resolution display, the same found in the Apple iPhone, which will most likely improve usability of many of the BlackBerry applications. And to answer your next question, no, it's not touchscreen.

RIM packed in 1 GB of internal memory into the Bold 9000, as well as a microSD card slot for up to 16 GB of extra memory. Connectivity wise, the BlackBerry Bold contains tri-band HSDPA and quad-band EDGE, 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth and GPS.

Other features include a 2 megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom, improved QWERTY keyboard with thin metal strips between each row and a 3.5mm headphone jack. All this running on a 624MHz StrongARM processor with full MMX, the fastest CPU that can be found on a handset.

AT&T has confirmed that it will be the exclusive carrier for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 in the US. Pricing and launch date were not officially revealed, but according to rumors, the new Bold will be priced at around $300-$400 and will start worldwide shipping this summer.

blackberry bold 9000 side


by chris on May 12, 2008

this is a HUGE update! I wonder how the battery will take it.

by Lawrence on May 13, 2008

Of course, it has to always be the carrier that doesn't serve my area to get exclusivity.

by SL on May 14, 2008


by Noor on May 17, 2008

I hate the fact that these phones are locked to service! I can't use them if I live outside the US. That's just lame.

by Richie on May 20, 2008

This phone is awesome can't wait to get it, this proves that at&t is the best carrier out there better than t-mobile,sprint and verizon... This phone is a definite 10..

by tim on May 25, 2008

I don't really care about it.

by ~michelle on May 31, 2008


by limi on Jun 3, 2008

to -> noor: i live in area(waterloo,Ont) by RIM headquarters/manufacturers ARE and i know plenty of pple who unlock them...

by marie on Jun 10, 2008

AT&T stop dragging it out. When you announce something this good you need to be ready to release it. My GOSH come on! That is what Apple has over everybody they produce and get it out there so people can get it.

by Johnny on Jun 10, 2008

Release Date: "End of July 2008" direct from ATT Rep

by Pete on Jun 10, 2008

ATT will not be the Exclusive carrier of it.... they will just have exclusivity till September - then Sprint and Verizon both get it.

by SWEEGUIGUI on Jun 10, 2008


by german on Jun 11, 2008

nothing like the iphone, you monkeys keep on pressing buttons lmao....

by alan on Aug 1, 2008

iv just got wet over it

by Michael on Aug 1, 2008

It's making me bleed!!!

by alan on Aug 1, 2008

its ok, iv just had leakage over it

by alan on Aug 2, 2008

is that you toto?

by lee on Aug 12, 2008

C I got da blackberry 8310 n I love n so do everybody around me but da only thang is missin is da recordin part I hate dat dnt have it please but on soon

by Cor on Aug 27, 2008

I want one! My Dash sucks... :(

by tony on Sep 8, 2008

i was confused about gettin the bold or the iphone 3g but i made my mind up its a must i get the blackberry bold the money is already just need the date

by fernando on Sep 15, 2008

when does it come out what date

by priyank on Sep 26, 2008

it's gorgeous

by boykin on Sep 30, 2008

does it have video???

by Luis on Oct 22, 2008

posted: 10/22/08.
NEW YORK - AT&T Inc. says that the new flagship BlackBerry model that was initially expected this summer, the Bold 9000, will go on sale Nov. 4.

by Juju on Oct 27, 2008

Massive! Can't wait

by jake on Nov 17, 2008

when does it come out for verizon network

by mimi on Nov 20, 2008

that phon3 is so poppin' i definetly want that phon3 and i bet im gettin' cuz im daddiesz 'lil baby so of course im gettin' it can't wait im gonna be on it like crazy.....

by vijay on Dec 2, 2008

definetly it is good when not compared to iPhone

by soccer chick on Apr 29, 2009

this phone is like so freakin sexy i want it so bad, my parents wont buy it for me o well looks like im gonna have to save up till i get it(:

by ehric on Aug 15, 2009

this one is better than iphone. gonna get this one,

by uzo eni on Sep 27, 2009

i have always wanted a 3G blackberry but what keeps putting me off is the inferior outer casings these blackberries are made of. I would rather the kind of casing the used for palm treo pro. that does not tarnish nor peel. It remains the same way after long months of use. can i find something that good?

by Cristina on Dec 3, 2009

well i have this phone ... the battery stay goo last you to the end but have to charge alot .. if your on it for hours it will die like in 5 mins. but besides that every blackberry that come out i am getting it i love themm....!!!!!

by andrea on Dec 26, 2009

seriously i want this phone but i now my dad wont pay the msn and thats way i want it :(

by Jesper on Mar 22, 2010

I bet the phone breaks in half as soon as I take it out of the box.

by Bill on Mar 22, 2010

My fingers are too big for the tiny keypad buttons. This phone is a no-go. I regret ever wanting it. If I get this Blackberry, I will trade it in for beer money.

by Kramer on Mar 22, 2010

I think I will search for a phone company that does not sell the BlackBerry Bold. I have wasted too much time and energy trying to get this phone that I am fed up now. No more BlackBerrys for me :P

by kunal on Aug 11, 2010

Nice mobile good response

by jujuam a juju mastah on Aug 29, 2010

this fone is so crap i will shuve the fone up the maker moyhers piehole so dont ever make such a shity fone or else i will blow ur heads of with a rocket launcher . me a juju mastah, me like fufu wif soup. me pet is a chupacarbea

by Tyson Kaemmer on Oct 7, 2010

had the iphone 3g, have this phone, guess which ones better?

IPHONES SUCK END OF STORY!!!! this is the best phone i ever had in my lifetime

by purushotham on Dec 11, 2010

very nic phone wonder ful techinical skills it has

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by Mădălina on May 11, 2012

i have one. i love it!