Coming soon: the iPhone Black?

12 May 2008 | Apple , Rumors , att | 1 comment


Looks like AT&T spilled the beans about an upcoming iPhone model right on their website.

The 'iPhone Black' option shows up if a customer who is logged in the AT&T site chooses to select or update their handset model.

Interestingly enough, according to spy shots, the new 3G iPhone is rumored to be equipped with a black plastic back, instead of the metallic back that is found on the current iPhone. Other rumors are saying that the new model will be launched in May, right after the official announcement by Apple.

Could this mean that the 3G iPhone is coming soon? Let's wait and see, but if you ask me, there are too many leaks for this rumor not to be true.

iphone black att

Via AppleInsider

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by Shaun on May 12, 2008

Definitely coming this month. At least I hope so! I really can't wait anymore. I've been holding out on this thing for almost a year!