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LG Voyager coming to Sprint and AT&T?

15 Apr 2008 | LG , Rumors , Smartphone , Sprint Nextel , att | 10 comments


We don't know whether or not this is true, but according to Electronic Times, a South Korean online newspaper, an anonymous LG spokesperson has confirmed that the company will be bringing the LG Voyager touchscreen phone to Sprint and AT&T.

This comes just days after LG announced that it has sold over 1.1 million Verizon branded devices, which began shipping back in November. That's just 300.000 short of what the iPhone sold in its first four months.

Some of the LG Voyager features include a large touchscreen, 2.0 megapixel camera, QWERTY keyboard on the inside, music player with mp3/wma/aac support and a microSD card slot for up to 8GB of memory.

Update: According to an official response from LG, the Voyager won't be heading to Spring and AT&T after all. "There are no intentions to bring this handset to AT&T and/or Sprint, or any other carrier."

lg voyager sprint att

Via Electronic Times


by AllenHarkleroad on May 26, 2008

Sprint overcharged my small (US) company for over $50,000.00. We caught them doing it and now they refuse to refund the over-payments. You can read the full story at

I also wrote an open letter to Dan Hesse the Chairman and CEO of Sprint Nextel. It is a good read so please consider reading the letter.

by horselover44 on Jul 1, 2008

OMG....y cant they make up their mind.they got all of us sooo excited then they just drop it. Well...y doesn't At & t come out w/ a phone ;like this cuz all of theres suck!!!!!

by Anonymous Coward on Aug 5, 2008

oh wow. i really got excited. i really want the voyager but i have AT&T and all of there phones are retarted. and the voyager is like perfect! so i think AT&T should make a phone like it :]

by stacy on Nov 5, 2008

man i really wanted that phone and im in at&t . you know that if you sell the phone it at&T then more people will buy the phone

by Jordan on Nov 7, 2008

Hahaha, that's what you bastards get for not having Verizon!! I have and enjoy my voyager.

by jake on Nov 14, 2008

i want to know how much this will cost me without a contract.

by Anonymous Coward on Dec 11, 2008

i really want this phone!! att should get it by christmas then everyone would get it.

by PandaPirate on Apr 27, 2009

move to verizon if you dont like at&t, plus verizon is way way better!

by awesome sprint on Jul 5, 2009

i wish i had this phone because it is perfect, its got a touch screen, camera, music player and qwerty keyboard but sprint lg only has the shitty Rumor and Rumor2

by someone on Nov 3, 2009

omigod! this is retarted! sprint should come out with dis phone!!! this is really retarted! i want the voyager soo bad! plz change ur mind nd make it for sprintt!!!