Sprint responds to AT&T's iPhone with Samsung Instinct

1 Apr 2008 | CTIA 2008 , Samsung , Smartphone , T-Mobile | 66 comments


The second phone announced today by Sprint at the 2008 CTIA convention in Las Vegas was the Samsung Instinct, which seems to represent Sprint's response to AT&T's iPhone.

Unlike Apple's iPhone, the Instinct's touchscreen comes equipped with localized tactile feedback, called haptics, which allow the virtual QWERTY keypad and other operations made on the screen to become a sensory experience.

Other features of the Samsung Instinct include a 2.0 megapixel camera with camcorder, Visual Voicemail, POP3 email, expandable microSD memory of up to 8GB, stereo Bluetooth 2.0, full HTML browser, Phone as Modem and Sprint Mobile Sync.

The box will contain a charger, USB cable, 3.5mm headphones with built-in microphone, 2GB microSD card and leather case with stylus.

Sprint has not yet determined the price of the Samsung Instinct.

Update: Sprint to launch the Samsung Instinct on June 20th. Read More...

samsung instinct menu

samsung instinct map

samsung instinct web


by brad on Apr 2, 2008

looks too much like the iphone, but I like the tactile feedback feature. Does it respond to touches like real buttons?

by Andres on Apr 2, 2008

First impressions:
1. It's not an iPhone.
2. Screen is smaller.
3. UI looks cumbersome
4. It's not an iPhone.

The best thing this phone has going for it is haptics, the onscreen tactile feedback. However, the fact that Sprint is giving away...

a charger, USB cable, 3.5mm headphones with built-in microphone, 2GB microSD card and leather case with stylus

seems like a way to distract from what the phone lacks. And we still don't even know the price yet, which I suspect will be around $300 - $400 since it is trying to compete with the iPhone.

Overall, this phone is a copy cat. Really, if someone wants an iPhone they don't want an iPhone wannabe. And that is exactly what the Instinct is. My instinct tells me this is a BOA - brink on arrival.

Did I mention it's not an iPhone?

by Conan on Apr 2, 2008

This is like those Chinese knockoffs, but made by a more decent company. It's still a knockoff!

Why can't manufacturers come up with something original?

by user on Apr 3, 2008

I have this phone,it is better than Ipone,more original,more funtion.touch screen tech was based samsung company,just apple copy and buy this tech.
anyway this phone is great.

by alberto on Apr 4, 2008

People, we all know no one will match the iphone. Many reasons why, first let's not forget iPhone runs on the best and only operating system os. Second, the only company to come up with the best and innovative products. No one will ever match it.

by john on Apr 7, 2008

well of course its not the iphone, because its actual going to be capatible with other software. This is one of the nicest phones to hit the market and the iphone doesnt touch it.

by muffin on Apr 9, 2008

You know what every phone that has touch flo technology is going to be compared to the iPhone. The LG prada, HTC touch, LG Voyager, Venus, and I even heard some people people compare iPhone's to the HTC 8125!

by chris on Apr 12, 2008

will be priced for less than $200 with plan, according to sprint representative.
haptics, gps, 3g speed, and a UI that still has time to be tweaked before release (based on early feedback).
and a big plus is qwerty style keyboard in landscape mode (great for texting).
this phone will outsell the overpriced and soon-to-be less featured iphone.
If you don't think Apple is sensing trouble because they are lacking many of these features, just look at how anxious they are to release a 3G model, which will render current iPhone obsolete.
I know I won't pay $500 twice for a phone that still may not have the out-of-the-box features, network, plan, and accessories the Instinct will have at launch.

Think about it...

by jon on Apr 13, 2008

the only reason people will have to buy an iPhone is because it has apples logo on it. the tech in the iPhone was revolutionary but apple thinks they will have this market like they have the mp3 market. they should think again, they had their iPod out for over 4 generations before a big competitor came into the market, Microsoft, with their zune. the iPhone has only been out for a year or so and so they haven't gotten established yet so good for samsung and sprint!!!!!! finally a different company with some vision.

by kc on Apr 16, 2008


A lot of people like that 2nd generation technology so they can buy the name of the iphone. They forget that buying the name comes with a price...the inability to work at a fast network with great features. Yeah the iphone is a pretty cool toy.

If consumers really did their research, they would learn that AT&T has regular cell phones that are already 3rd generation technology. The iphone is solely for status and the cool factor.

I love it when the advertising market can manipulate so many people. :)

by manyakis on Apr 18, 2008

u know why you like iphone? because it is made by apple that's it . .made by APPLE. . Know the feature of the phone first and compare it's not because it is made by apple it is the best phone. . There is a lot of glitch apple iphone has. You might wanna do a research

by nadys on Apr 22, 2008

i love it...this is better than the iphone

by Mugiwara on Apr 23, 2008

The iPhone boasts that you can play youtube on the phone, big deal, it doesn't even have the ability to play them straight throught, it has to stop and load. The speakers are shit to, if you want to show someone a video on the go, good luck hearing what it says. Apple is not innovative and they were not the first to come up with this concept. Americans forget that Japan and Korea far surpass our technology. Besides this is not a copy of the iPhone, it's a dumbed down version of the Samsung F490 with is far better than the iPhone.
To sum it up iPhone is a good "phone" but still a gimmick, like the razor.

by Anonymous Coward on Apr 24, 2008


by pk on May 2, 2008

i got the iphone and the instinct now i thought i would never get off my iphone but the instinct has way kooler features then i phone i think its just the look if it that gets to us

by cat on May 11, 2008

I returned the iphone because I only like windows devices. I see alot online that the instict does NOT have windows but sprint says it has windows mobile 6. I dont know what to believe and I will buy this phone if it does have windows. Can someone let me know?

by nick on May 11, 2008

looks nice i might have to get this when it comes out

by victor chilin on May 12, 2008

I dont know what to belive.And is the voyager better than the instinct?

by mike aare on May 12, 2008

this is the coolest phone my boyfreind wants it so bad!

by Alfonso on May 14, 2008

finally sprints comes up with something we can actually call a phone!

by Jeremy on May 15, 2008

i love sprint but they are sooooooo trying to be like at&t! not too much of a difference from the iphone!

by Oniquia on May 18, 2008

Okay, so number one: The Voyager is nothing like the iPhone, so don't try to compare THAT. The only thing that is remotely the same is the touch screen, but the technology is pushing for touch. The Voyager has the complete QWERTY that you don't need to worry about the touch part screwing it up, which I think is beneficial.

And, we should have all expected Sprint to try and do something, because let's face it. They are losing so much clientelle, they needed to do something to get it back.

I hope this phone does pull in more people, it's pretty cool, from what my rep told me. Hopefully it ends up being as good as they want it to be. I hope it is the "iPhone Killer!"

by common sense on May 20, 2008

how many of you have common sense? for the idiot who said something about making oringal phones, well manufacturers do but somebody has to improve on it at some point or esle we would not be in a world of advance technology.

by joe on May 22, 2008

man dis phone is awsome

by laker fan on May 23, 2008

OK I am in the medical field and need a phone with some type of OS like windows mobile or even mac os, does this instinct come with an OS??? someone please let me know it looks cool and I cant leave sprint so this will have to do for an iphone replacement...

by people please! on May 23, 2008

all of you saying stuff about originality need to do research before you go talking all big.... you say its a copy of it, but lets face it. although i do love mac, they have their share of "copies". for instant the iphone, they are not the original company to come up with that name, they stole it from somebody else, they even got sued for it. oh and the name Apple, not theirs either, its the name for the Beatles record company. i'm glad that sprint and samsung have come out with a phone like that. its about time they get some cool phones, so far all they have is smartphones and flip pieces of crap... i also dont care if it looked exactly like the iphone. it's a good competitor and with a mobile company i actually have.

by shuga on May 24, 2008

i keep reading comments saying that its a knockoff of the iphone. just because it has a similar look? every book looks the same until you open it right? from the research ive reviewed, the iphone is the one whose gonna be looking for a home in the future. iphone is going to have to do some updating and upgrading to try to keep up with the instinct. yeah, it looks slightly similar, but i feel, is going to be the phone to get. and people only like at&t because it has really good reception. which sprint isnt too far behind with the thousands of towers they keep putting up every month. THANX SPRINT AND SAMSUNG

by QUADIEE on May 29, 2008

i think it is better than the i-phone i want it so bad ,i just wish i new the price for it

by Ash on May 29, 2008

Im so with Quadiee, i think it is better, and i love it and want it sooooooooooo BAD! cause right now i have a LG RUMOR and it SUCKS

by Sprint Rep on May 30, 2008

I think all of you need to get a life and stop trying to sound like you know so much about either crappy phones! The instinct will be the better phone until another phone comes along and beat it out! So what that's apart of technology advancing dummies!!!!

by yuls on May 31, 2008

this will be a great addition to sprint's current roster of phones!!! more power to sprint! and that's life at sprint speed.. woot..

by Wiseone on Jun 5, 2008

All i'm saying is i can't wait it looks cool and i don't care if it is copying off the Iphone they need some cometition

by Damn... on Jun 14, 2008

Otherwise it wouldn't be called the "Instinct".

But HELLO! Not everyone has AT&T.

So for people who want something like the iPhone, the Instinct is a great choice, a great phone, and I know the soon to be price- a lotttt cheaper :]

by yeaa on Jun 18, 2008

the instinct is 299.99 and comes out on friday the 20th, it will have alot of bugs jsut like the iphone did, so have fun

by Anonymous Coward on Jun 18, 2008

These idiots that think MAC creates only ORIGINAL produckt are just are simple minded, Steve Jobs UNPAID loyal monkeys.

Shut up and give something a chance or a spin before you judge. This is one of those moments I actually hate the internet because no one actually tries to experience anything. they just surf, see and judge.

I actually fiddled with the phone and I played with the iphone as well. They both have their ups and downs. Its all about what you want the phone for.

by AT&T Sucks on Jun 18, 2008

I think this is pretty cool...Despite that you can only get an IPHONE through AT&T, its better to get a phone that can compete with the IPHONE. Personally, I will never go through AT&T just because they absolutely stink. Bring it on!!!

by Steve Jobs on Jun 24, 2008

The instinct has 2 major flaws. It is made by Samsung and is on Sprints network. Sprint's network is ranked dead last and Samsung has a high failure rate with their antenna components. Thats a great combo. What good is this "phone" if you cannot call anyone with it. People kill me with this stuff. 3G iphone comes out July 11th at a price point of 199.99. Apple and at&t Rule!!

by RedHeadJKB on Jun 26, 2008

I think that any phone that actually offers insurance in the case of a theft is better than the iPhone. My purse was stolen in the damn Walmart parking lot, and of course my $500 iPhone was in it. NO INSURANCE OFFERED. What does this mean? I'm out $500. Apple and AT&T won't track it, and it's not important enough for the police to get a warrant to track it, so again, I'm out $500. While the iPhone is totally awesome, GET A PHONE WITH INSURANCE BECAUSE I SPENT $500 TO HAVE ONE FOR LESS THAN 90 DAYS WITH NO COMPENSATION!!!!!!!!!!!

by Mike D on Jul 1, 2008

I got the instinct today, and it is a far better mobile device then the iphone. For one, you don't need the retarded itunes, because this works with anything! Lastly, the screen and imgage quality surpases the iphone 10 to 1. And sprint is a far better network!

by SEXY on Jul 6, 2008

Blah, blah. Sprint instinct is a cool phone. i've being with sprint for 8 years and never upgrade, but the instinct convince me. I can't wait to get my new instinct in 2 weeks.

by christina on Jul 9, 2008

im glad sprint gave us an option to have a phone with some similiarities. i've been with sprint for years and although i wanted an iphone, i would never go to at&t...verizon, maybe, but never to at&t, who is definitely worse than sprint.

by Robert on Jul 13, 2008

knockoff this knockoff that
the iPhone is the first of many multi-touch phones
how many flip phones did you see after the "original" one
yeah it looks similar but does it really matter?
they both have different features and one is not any better than the other

by Hodge on Jul 21, 2008

Sure Iphone is good being that its user friendly, however for those who don't care the Instinct is just as good.The pricing is about the same. 1500 min. unlimited email/text,picture and video sharing for for 2 lines is 129.99 compared to the AT@T plan which is 89.99 for 1400 min. and an addtional 35.00 for unlimted text,video and picture and another $15 dollars for mobile tv(not live tv like Sprint); which is included in the Sprint plan. Also speed of the internet is slighty faster then 3g. So 129.99 for Sprint and 139.99 for AT@T.Both phones are good just depends what you want.

by Aida on Aug 4, 2008

I ordered the iphone but I would like to check out the Instinct which I think has more of the particular features that I would like in a phone... I think both
phones are good and it just depends on what one wants in a cell phone...that's how one should decide which one to get and stop arguing.

by ME on Aug 5, 2008

I just ordered the instinct and it looks awesome, I have had sprint for at least 6yrs and it rocks there phones always seem to have better quality and I think the instinct is NOT a knock off its better and cheaper! :)

by James on Aug 5, 2008

In reference to Andres' "it's not an iphone comments", it's not really an iphone copycat when iphone stole touch screen technology from palm and blackberry. The difference in these phones is iphones are crap. That's why they are constantly coming with glitches. Glitches aren't normal.

With the ipod, apple made a name for themselves. They know they don't have to make a quality product anymore just because everyone wants the product that has the letter 'i' in front of it. Do your research... modern ipods are full of glitches, not other mp3 players. iphones are full of glitches, not other phones.

iPhone did not invent touch screen technology, nor it's use on phones. Their phones come with glitches. If you like touch screen... try blackberry, palm treo, or any other brand with more touchscreen experience than iphone.

by Jadie on Aug 13, 2008

I love the INSTINCT. Very coooool Phone.
Lots of great features. Love the GPS and the live TV.!!!
so... there.

by Mark on Aug 23, 2008

I just ordered one of these phones. As far as the iPhone, I will NEVER own one or anything made by Apple.

by Iphone on Sep 16, 2008


by Joe on Sep 22, 2008

I guess Sprint did an ok job copying one of the most innovative products in years, but I've used both and the internet on the Instinct is a joke compared to the iPhone. It may have other features, but no phone/company comes close to the iPhone as far as internet. they all claim internet, but look at them side-by-side. It's not even close. The iPhone is still the leader by a long shot. If they weren't, Apple would be copying Sprint, not the other way around.

by melsocal on Sep 24, 2008

i have the instinct - it has so many features, it's great - i love the navigation, the instant weather (based on zip codes), texting is a blast with the screen-key-board, and not to mention, it has a bunch of live internet radio stations, and i've caught some of my FAVORITE cartoon episodes on it (my girlfriend watches "the hills") - $400?? - nah! i only paid $129 for the instinct (with a new contract)

by Cassie on Oct 1, 2008

Omg I got the instinct and its way better I don't know how but it does!?

by John on Oct 2, 2008

The instinct is a great phone don't have to compare to the iphone its a whole new thing.!!

by can i get your number on Oct 24, 2008

just got my instinct its a litlle slow SYKE its the great est phone in the world the internet is fast and voice to action button its the best got it !!!!!!!!!!!!

by SICK PHONE on Nov 4, 2008

I HAVE THIS PHONE.....its amazing it does everything i got it today on bell in canada.....i put down 5 bills 4 it but dayumm i luv it!!!!

by chloe on Nov 17, 2008

is this phone cool orr no?
i wanntt it soon but my mom
said wait for christmas..
shouuld i?
orr Nahh?

by Sprint repp. on Nov 17, 2008

i have the lg rumorr and it fuckinng sucks ass, i hate itt!it has glitches more thenn ever so i suggest you
donn't get it!:)

The instinct is amzinng ive been told &; im beggging for it andd as yoou know im spoiled and is getting haaaa.

i love youu:)

by JAVO on Dec 3, 2008

I agree. This phone is amazing :)

by mel on Dec 7, 2008

does the instinct have windows mobile?

by Christopher Flores on Dec 7, 2008

Alright, so i have had this phone for a couple of months, actually, i would say about... a week after launch. Anyways, i have had my fair share of playing with Apple`s iPhone, Samsung`s Instinct. Palm Centro, and many others (thanks to having many friends & family having their specific tastes). Now, i am not trying to say that i am an all mighty critique, and that, since i have an opinion, you should take mine, and mine only... But i will say that after comparing all of these phones. i will say that the iPhone is more of a teen-trendy phone, by this, i mean it has many "fun features" more of a gaming/social phone, lacking reliability and usefulness forthose of business and straight forward a simple phone. The Samsung Instinct is also a great phone. with it's complications, but you get those w/ EVERY phone, so don't worry. But this phone is very simple, a little easier to use, adapts to the business lifestyle, but can be easily manipulated to the trendy teen's dream phone (and no, i am NOT talking about it being easily manipulated by hacking it).It boasts all of the features that Sprint's service has to offer, you can easily switch from the T.V. app, to surfing the internet, and even switching to an incoming call is simple, fast, and very useful. But, i must say, the only thing i can REALLY complain about is.... if you every receive an animation txt, it will stand alone as a picture, which kinda sucks, but every phone has a complication, right? Just like, how the iPhone cannot send picture mail, unless it' through an E-mail, is a major downer for some, but a "whatever" factor for others. Being 14, and preparing for the worst every day, i must say this phone (Instinct) is very reliable, durable, and easy to use for ANYONE who would like to try it, it's very straight-forward, and actually makes sense when your a first timer w/ it! Bottom line, both company' and 'ervice providers are great, and should be respected greatly, nobody will ever make the perfect phone, or the perfect anything for that matter... but, if you REALLY want to know which phone is best for YOU, you must go out and experiment these phones for yourself, it's not like everybody elses reviews/opinions really matter. The only thing that SHOULD matter is how ANY phone adapts to your lifestyle, and personal taste. So I believe that, instead of only reviewing these two phones, go and experiment the ones that appeal to you, ask each retailer what phone would be best suited for you, telling them the features you will use the most, and they should be able to compare you w/ your match. Just be happy you have SOME kind of technology people!!

by Carolyn 12 on Dec 9, 2008

I am sooooo going to get that phone for Christmas! I am at my school right now looking at this phones pictures! IT HAS A TOUCH SCREEN FOR GOSH SAKES!!! well g2g my teacher is calling me and im not supposed to be on the internet in computer tech! oh im bad

by yoo on Jan 7, 2009

This phone is the bombbb... Im going to go get it today i think im begging my mom :p

by sweet6ething on Jan 16, 2009

Why are there so many haters here? iPhone owners, stop hating. Why are you hating? Is it because you paid too much for a crappy phone? lol. You need to realize that all those iphones, itouch and ipods are DISPOSABLE. once the battery goes bad,that's the end of the life of your "toy". So stop hating and yeah, REALITY CHECK -----Instict Rocks...iPhone SUCKS! :) 2 of my co-workers used to own one and all I hear everyday (starting on the 4th month) are complaints complaints complaints on their iPhone.

by Megan on Jan 29, 2009

Does this phone work with AT&T???

or is it only sprint?

also does it take a SIM card and a microchip thing

by Justin on Jun 5, 2009

Apple the best and most innovative company? Right. Why does EVERY electronics engineer hate Apple products, unless they work for Apple?

by Anonymous Coward on Jan 21, 2010

I think im getting it!!!!!!!!