Sprint launches BlackBerry Curve 8330

1 Apr 2008 | CTIA 2008 , RIM , Smartphone , Sprint Nextel | 95 comments


blackberry curve 8330 sprintToday at the 2008 CTIA Wireless convention in Las Vegas, Sprint and Research in Motion introduced the BlackBerry Curve 8330 smartphone.

The BlackBerry Curve 8330 is the smallest BlackBerry smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard and it comes equipped with a 2.0 megapixel camera with video recording, advanced media player for music, videos and photos, microSD card slot for extra memory (8GB), 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth with support for stereo headsets and car kits, GPS navigation and the ability to be used as a modem with a laptop.

Sprint's Blackberry Curve 8330 will start shipping in April for $179.99 after a and $100 rebate with a two-year service agreement. Verizon is also launching the Curve in May.

blackberry curve 8330 side


by Diane on Apr 3, 2008

Will it have Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint on it?

by edge on Apr 6, 2008

this fone is crap..this is my 11th one n its not even calling...im jus sayin dis so u dnt waste ure money but i dnt care because my dad is extremely rich his the president of lg

by dream on May 13, 2008

this phone rocks I just got mine and its the phone of all phones

by snow on Jul 11, 2008

hey edge ur da being rich is no reason for u not being able to type proper englisg lol nd if ur dad is the president of lg y are u getting a blackberry lol

by snow on Jul 11, 2008

oops dad lol but hey my dad isn't the president of lg lol

by WSomeDifStylz on Jul 24, 2008

BlackBerry look out. Here come.

by Soundtrack on Aug 13, 2008

Hey maybe she is an advanced five year old playing with phones. Lol. Rich dad poor education something doesnt add up.

by olvsme on Aug 13, 2008

I just ordered mine through Sprint. They said I could keep my original plan with them and just get the blackberry and for $30 add unlimited web & messaging, which includes everything except GPS. Does anyone else have sprint? Are you doing something like what I am? If so, are you happy with all the features?

by fghjk on Sep 5, 2008

i want a blackberry

by pandabiehl on Sep 10, 2008

this going out to "edge"...if your rich and your dad's the president of LG...wouldn't you have a LG phone?

by Apple1 on Sep 22, 2008

I love how 1 person writes something stupid, and 10 people afterward get all upset and post back...I love the internet

by duffbabe on Sep 28, 2008

I have mine through Sprint, with the Blackberry plan that does not include Sprint navigation unless you purchase it, but if you go to www.crackberry.com you can find out how to get google mobile app, which includes driving directions, for free.

by Marko on Oct 11, 2008

Sprint has a deal where you can get all services forh for only $99!

by sam on Oct 11, 2008

lol. its probably because LG is korean, thus, the bad english.
anyways the curve any good? or should i be looking at the bold? :\

by drew on Oct 13, 2008

I think the sprint one looks way more professional.That is the only good thing about sprint,lol.I tested it in the store a while ago and the only bad thing about it was the ball in the middle.It gets annoying sometimes.Before you buy it I would test it out to make sure the scroll-ball is OK with you.I am not to fond of it, but I am still going to get it November 1st.

by musicaddict324 on Oct 18, 2008

"Apple 1" just made my day lol. anyway i hate this phone. i had it for at&t and it was crap. i got the blackjack ii instead and i love it. i had the blackberry curve for around 2 months and i begged at&t to switch it for the blackjack ii and ive had my blackjack for about 5 months and i love it! its so much faster, easier, and way more fun! The blackberry is a business/boring phone, and the blackjack ii is a fun/entertaining/business phone. thanks for reading :]

by Unrealbabe on Oct 21, 2008

I think the blackberry curve is a great phone but one bad thing you can send picture mail without getting a the person e-mail address that totally sucks. i have the red and it only been 3weeks and i realize i can sent pics so i call sprint they told me that i have to get each carrier e-mail example T-mobile # then tmomail.com then i can send a picture so i am going to change for the Samsung Insinct

by PO5TA on Oct 21, 2008


by Josh on Oct 28, 2008

dear Unrealbabe how much do you want for your black berry

by john maccain on Oct 28, 2008

i have the black berry and i love it

by JeyD on Nov 3, 2008

i bet that edge have no knowledge of the curve. Or he is simply lying because he has no life.

by Anonymous Coward on Nov 6, 2008

I am a blackberry dealer. They are great devices, but they have problems just like any other phone. There is no good cell phone. They all break down just as much as the other mostly. Blackberry's are great though. I have a curve myself and it's great. The Blackberry maps function is awesome. As well the push e-mail function is handy as well. The blackberry messenger is great. As well the option to pin message is great!

by MHixz on Nov 14, 2008

Sprint service, both customer and cell service, SUCKS. I do not recomment Sprint to anyone. But, like most everyone else who commented, I do love the BlackBerry device. This phone is amazing. And yes, Apple1, I love how 10 people get mad xD! And I have no idea why answering 2+3 is required... probably so computers can't write random messages here... Okay. That's all I have to say :) Thank you for reading!

by teresamarie on Nov 14, 2008

I heard sprint is gettin mms ??? fiction r non

by D-B0Y on Nov 21, 2008

im getting that blackberry soon...i like the color n the features hope _others_ like it... :)

by Budah on Nov 30, 2008


by cj on Dec 2, 2008

I want one, I'm getting one for christmas I'm so excited

by B-more girl on Dec 3, 2008

i'm about to get the blackberry curve on monday but now im having second thoughts cuz of what Unrealbabe said about it not sending pics without a email address does that mean you can't send picture mail to people phones?

by Ryan on Dec 6, 2008

In response to B-more girl. This phone is perefect but has one downfall. You do have to send all pic mail through email. It sucks but it still is a great phone and if you can get all your friends to get one then you can send pic to their phone if you know their blackberrys PIN. Note only blackberrys will have a PIN # so they would have to have one for it to work

by epimpzz on Dec 7, 2008

i have the instinct and i wonder if i should change to the blackberry curve. the instinct freezes to much samsung is nne for feezing right bal pliz i need help choosing wat to do

by Dan on Dec 10, 2008

Yeah, my dad got the instinct, and it is a little choppy when you go through the menus.

by Mr.Checo on Dec 11, 2008

I agree Apple1

by Big_Rob on Dec 12, 2008

You know, I just got my BlackBerry curve through Sprint about 2 weeks ago. I got the Titanium one for myself and the Red for my wife. I've been researching the whole picture mail situation and I've found that it IS true; you DO have to send pics to a "special email address" in order for your recipient to receive them to their phone. For example, to send picture mail to another Sprint phone it would be phone# (1234567890)@pm.sprint.com. Each provider has it's own email address! That part of the pic msging is a little annoying but it's really not a big deal (not serious enough to get a new phone over, LOL)! Other than that it's honestly the best phone I've had. My wife and I love these things, internet, GPS, maps, agendas, applications (even e-books can be downloaded on it). We are very content with these BlackBerries. We recommend them anyone needing a phone with these types of capabilities. Oh and we got he "Everything family shared data plan" (ulmtd data, GPS, pic msg, txt msg, etc.).

by lina on Dec 13, 2008

should i buy a blackberry curve or should i
put my money on another phone coz i want something with
a keyboard on it.

by BOSSCo Owner on Dec 13, 2008

Big Rob Thanks for the input because I have been trying to figure out the picture mail thing. The only downfall that I see with this phone. I am talking with www.crackberry.com forum for some answers, but yours was good. It is a pain if you don't know the number by heart becasue you cannot go into the address book to get the number and other providers cell email types are unknown. We have 4 8330 Titanium phones and 6 Hybrids which are Nextel / Sprint service with Direct Connect and our plans are all unlimited; all on a business account, I wish they would have made one of these with two way and two way service with Sprint service not Nextel,but my Nextel BB 7110 isn't anywhere as good as this phone. We love them except for the picture thing.

by Brendagt64 on Dec 15, 2008

ive had sprint for over 8 years and ive never had any probs with them,plans and pricing are good and never lose signal. i however recently purchase the blackberry curve and i dont like it,cant send pics and the web on it sucks so i will be switching to the instinct.

by Chris on Dec 15, 2008

Brendagt64__ don't get the instinct that is crap i just switched from the instinct because it freezes up all the time.

by Big_Rob on Dec 15, 2008

No problem BOSSCo Owner, remember you can always copy past: go into the contact and once you see the contact info hit the menu key, go to "select" and click the trackball. everything you scroll over will end up being highlightedwhen you have the # highlighted you click the trackball again and hit "copy". After that you can actually paste on any app that allows you to write (inluding the "to" feild in the send as email option). You can paste by clicking the trackball and choosing "paste" wherever it is that you would like to place the segment. And you're absolutely right the phones are fantastic. Like I said before, they really are the best phones we've had.

by nicoooleey on Dec 16, 2008

Big_Rob your input really helped because i have been wondering about to bb mms messaging. but i have a question that hopefully uou can answer you said, "to send picture mail to another Sprint phone it would be phone# (1234567890)@pm.sprint.com". does that mean you can only send pitures to people with sprint? or is there a seperate email for other carriers? or do you just use the same one for all carriers? thanks.

by Mo on Dec 17, 2008

Brendagt64, if you hate the orginial web browser, just download Opera Mini http://www.operamini.com/download/wap/blackberry/blackberry_8300_curve/ or another web browser for it. In opera you can scroll using keys instead of the ball, HUGE + in my book!

by Its me on Dec 23, 2008

I've had the BB Curve for 3 days now and am VERY annoyed about the whole picture sending thing....you would think that is now industry standard....I talked to Sprint and one person told me 'they' are working on it..the MMS part....another person told me the new BB phones that are due out on Jan.11th will have the basic capabillities of sending pics like every other phone in the world that is NOT on the Sprint network. I'm returning mine....Sprint, get up to par or get outta way!!!!!!! Lets be sure, this is ONLY a SPRINT issue with the Blackberries.

by mary on Dec 28, 2008

i think the phone is a decent phone.
the only problem is that it is extremly
confusing in the begining, but you do eventually
get used to it. also, you cant send picture messages
for somee reason i dont know why?! but other than
that the phone is very nice, and its great for
almost anyone. (: enjoy!

by Sarah C on Dec 28, 2008

UGH! i am so angry with this phone and sprint!
i begged and begged my dad to get me picture
mail/pictue texting and he finally got it then
he also baught me the curve and i cant even send
any picture mail. SPRINT IS HORRIBLE! i do not
recomend! buttt.... the phone is not that bad,
its auctually pretty nice, with eceptions.

by Big_Rob on Dec 30, 2008

Hey "nicoooleey" sorry it took me so long to answer. You're absolutely right, each provider has it's own "email" where to send the pic msgs:

same format always 1+#@ (1234567890@email.com):

Alltel : 1234567890@message.alltel.com
AT&T : 1234567890@mms.att.net
Boost Mobile : 1234567890@myboostmobile.com
Nextel : 1234567890@messaging.nextel.com
Sprint : 1234567890@pm.sprint.com
T-mobile : 1234567890@tmomail.net
US Cellular : 1234567890@mms.uscc.net
Verizon : 1234567890@vznwpix.com
Virgin Mobile: 1234567890@vmobl.com
Helio : 1234567890@myhelio.com

Now I've been having some problems recently with AT&T lately when sending with this method I usually get a message back from cingular stating that it's the wrong email and I've tried to send it to the same cingular email with the valid phone # but it hasn't worked either. Don't really know what the deal is but you can always try to "play around" with the format a little; e.i. try not using the "1" or something like that. Anyway, good luck to you all. Let me know with any other probs that I can help with.

by alex on Jan 2, 2009

its a great phone but i dnt know how to send pic mail to cricket users does anyone know how to do it?

by Tita on Jan 3, 2009

I just got the Curve for Sprint a week ago and have been trying since last night to do send pictures using the carrier addresses. mms.att.net has not been working at all but sending it to a pm.sprint.com has worked. I even tried sending it with the txt.att.net and all the receiver got was the text part, no picture. This is the most annoying thing with the phone. I've been a Sprint customer since 2000 and have loved them. But this is ridiculous! I want to send and receive pictures like I have been in the past! Get w/ the program Mr. CEO of Sprint. This is obviously a big deal to your customers.

by luiz on Jan 10, 2009

Blackberry curve is great

by kelsie on Jan 15, 2009

I hate the Blackberry curve. I just got it and the keys don't work.

by KBoogs on Jan 18, 2009

I am VERY UNHAPPY with the BB 8330s' inability to send Pics via TXT MSG! Makes me want to use the 30 day money back guarantee! This reminds me of the problems I had in the 90's with nextel. Damn them.

by Kevin on Jan 22, 2009

When I try sending pic thru email i get this message no message services configured, you will only be able to save draft

by JDOG on Jan 26, 2009

To send picture mail to att its (123)456-7869@mmode.com

by sendy on Jan 26, 2009

OMG !!! i want a blckberry curve so bad.

by Janine on Feb 4, 2009

Sprint Sucks!!!!!!!!! I wish I could return my phone. . . I have the red 8330. The Sprint representative said that this phone would support all of my previous account features i.e. picture mail, text, internet, ect. She lied!!!!! OMG!

by Jonathan on Feb 5, 2009

Yea Sprint needs to step it up and get the MMS working already.. They are probably the only carrier that doesnt have it.. I guess you get what you pay for.. The Curve is an awesome phone tho.

by jack on Feb 6, 2009

Jus get the instinct.....its wayyy btr

by Wade on Feb 8, 2009

It's not sprint you dummies who doesnt support MMS picture texting, its the Blackberry Curv's innability to do it. Get the Curve with anyother network and you have same problem, so try educating yourself before blaming spritn and saying they suck. However, Blackberry has just release the 4.5 version of it's software that has the MMS capability. and sprint will begin allowing you to get the free software upgrade by the end of this month. So hang tight.

by brittney on Feb 13, 2009

how muh are curves prepaid?

by baba on Feb 17, 2009

The phone is okay cause i just get mine today....

by deshawn on Feb 28, 2009

this is the best phone in history

by frank on Mar 2, 2009

Sprint has mms you just have to upgrade your phone with the cd that was provided with phone

by deja on Mar 4, 2009

I have the blackberry curve I love it I just dnt like that u can't send pix but I have found away..u go to the pix and click on send as email and type in this ur number # 1234567@pm.sprint.com but put ur number and it will send it back to u as picture mail and u fwd it its a lot of work but its easy and nothing is wrong with sprint it has little problems but all companies do and my brother has the instinct but now he wants the blackberry curve!

by annie on Mar 9, 2009

OMG thank you so much deja, I just tried doing that and it worked fantastically. Takes a long time to send to my phone however. But just a couple of seconds to forward it to someone else after.

by annie on Mar 9, 2009

OK there is only one draw back, if person your sending it to has email capabilities on their phone you just have to click on the link and click forward and your address book comes up and you just click on their name and phone #. If they dont have email on their phone then you have to click on the link yourself and pull up the picture then click forward and have to manually type in their phone #. Takes a lot longer but it works.

by pink4 on Mar 16, 2009

I like the blackberry phone! but is it true its so complicated..? how about when you use the direct connect service? I have a red palm centro and I don't know if I should switch to a blackberry? .. which one is better for a girl who is always texting, sending piks and emails

by katie on Apr 7, 2009

i love my curve its greatttttt! i love the texting on it and everything! the calls are clear and i like how the lcd light changes red when you have a text message that you haven't seen yet :).

p.s.-people that have money dont brag about it. I'm also thinking if your dad was the president of LG you would be a little more educated and maybe even have an LG phone. But thats just my view on things.

and also the president of LG is a women just though i'd throw that out there.

by phones on Apr 16, 2009

which phone is the best e71 or blackberry

by lori on Apr 26, 2009

im getting mine on friday(:
but i dont like the sprint colors.

by wen on May 2, 2009

the ball on the curve blackberry 833o frezzes alot :( and i have had it 10 days love it BUt the ball freezes all the time

by dustin on May 4, 2009

wow i highly doubt that this guys dad is president of lg, but even if he was that doesnt mean he has to buy an lg phone, dang thats like saying since my dad is chairman of pepsi or something im gonna immediatly love pepsi, that doesnt mean anything lgs are awesome the vu is outstanding

by duchesse on May 19, 2009

wow, edge. too bad your father can't buy you a proper education. nice english.

by yoli on May 20, 2009

ha lol ..iam crackin up with this stuff iam reading..
i got this blackberry phone and its the best out of all the phones that ive
had.!! its awesome.. i can always get on the web no matter what i have alot of badass features. and its the best ever.. !!!!

by amber on May 21, 2009

I love the blackberry curve now.. I've had it for a june and was totally pissed after I bought the phone and found out I couldn't send pic mail to my friends unless I had their email.. But now sprint has the mms program and all you have to do I'd upload it..since I've done that I love my phone now

by Tatiana on Jun 6, 2009

I'm getting my first phone in november. I definitely want a BB but which one?

by alisher on Jun 20, 2009

I want to update my phone to bb curve but I'm confused about the picture mail thing cuz ppl are saying the complete opposite bout it && can I keep my plan with unlimited messaging or do I have to update to the everything plan

by sarah on Jun 21, 2009

LG is Korean? No wonder their phones are crap! LoL! I have sprint. I'm eligible for the upgrade soon and this is one of the phones I'm considering.

by tera on Jun 29, 2009

alright, i've read this whole thread trying to figure out if i should get the curve or not, and i still can't decide. everyone has conflicting opinions! does sprint have all the pic msg issues straightened out now? how about the trackball freezing all the time? does it make good calls? I love sprint, I've had it for a very long time now, but I don't want to waste my upgrade on something I'm not sure of. Help?

by u dont need to know on Jul 17, 2009

this phone is sweet i might be paying for internet and unlimited texting and im eight years old

by matt on Jul 24, 2009

Im Switching From a Rant TO A Curve Since YOu have to have a special email to send pictures to peoples phone
can you send it to you yahoo email account ?

by cinthia on Jul 25, 2009

i just orderd mine n am proud lol that blackberry rocks lol

by maryann on Aug 14, 2009

does all blackberry has camera

by inferno. on Aug 15, 2009

Maryann, most blackberries have cameras. I know on the Sprint/Nextel network you can get the Curve without a camera (for work phones and such).

So we are for certain? Sprint has MMS? I am getting my Curve tomorrow.

by t159 on Sep 16, 2009

hey my friend wants to trade me a black berry curve for us cellular for my lg tritan would u do it or not ??

by edge sucks on Nov 2, 2009

edge sucks major........

by Prince Osei on Nov 12, 2009

I am using the blackberry sprint in the USA with a sim card slot. Hence i would want to go back to my Country Ghana.what must i do??? Can i use it in Ghana with the analog system?Although i enjoy the use of the phone features yet still i wanna continue using bcos it gives me total satisfactions when it comes to clearer calls,pictures,videos etc.

by Destiny on Nov 29, 2009

Hey edge you are dumb because you would have a lg phone if your dad is the 'PRESIDENT' THINK NEXT TIME!!! LOL!

by hanna on Jan 15, 2010

i wannt one:(

by kakkulal on Jul 24, 2010

i just purchased BB 8330 let me experience it, any tips you are welcome for free advise thanks

by jessica on Jul 26, 2010

I am having this phone any advicee? is the phonee good? and does it have good memoryy?Xxx

by denish on Aug 18, 2010

he dude i was the b b phone like
and i by it some time

by wessam on Sep 3, 2010

it dosent include wifi , this was a big problem wit me

by gemacca on Oct 8, 2010

get the hell of it.... Black Berry is just a phone where many people aspire to have it but in the end they dont have food in the table to serve!!!! lol....

by Jim Brandom on Nov 13, 2010

This fone is a high class piece of shit. However blackberry is your ideal rich machine. All high buissness and wealthy people have this or the iphone. This is not because its just a good phone it is also because its the reputaion it gives across to people. EG: someone might say oh yes the've got a blackberry obviously there rich. WRONG , people might be paying for it monthly.
But the point i wanted to get accross was that it is not such a good phone that it comes across as it simply just has a classy reputation. If you are looking for a phone like this i guarantee this in the phone for you, however f you want a phone that you don't want to pay much for but want a good and useful phone i recommend you buy something that is suitable and a better price for what it is worth.
Thankyou for reading,
Jim Brandom

by meagan on Dec 3, 2010

they dont work that well the ball always falls out

by TIYUMBA on Jan 27, 2011

please i want to get blackberry but i want to know whether i can use any SIM card for that.

by fallen angel on Mar 10, 2011

lmfaooooooooooooo @ edge comment ... and good job @ snow ;) haha get urself an Iphone edge but we like the BB ;)