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Samsung Haptic touch screen phone launched

25 Mar 2008 | Samsung | 69 comments


We first noticed the touchscreen craziness at 3GSM this year, when Sony Ericsson announced a few touchscreen-based devices. And considering how successful the iPhone has been, I can't blame them.

Anyway, Samsung today launched its new Haptic phone in South Korea.

The Haptic, which is the Greek word for 'touch', features a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a 2 megapixel camera, 22 different kinds of vibrations, full Internet browser and Bluetooth 2.0.

It also features terrestrial digital TV reception, which will really let users take advantage of the widescreen. All this, packed in a 12.1 mm thick device.

The Samsung Haptic will be sold only in South Korea for about $750. Check out the ad below.

samsung haptic


by Hunji on May 9, 2008

only in korea???

by rakeb on May 11, 2008

samsung f480? coming soon or Available? yes only in corea also lg but nokia now tradition,in germany

by keall on May 20, 2008

Would it be released around Asia?? Malaysia maybe?
I would like someone to give me answers...pleaseee..i have fallen 4 the phone

by leann_tvxq on Jun 3, 2008

only in south korea???plz...make it sold in Malaysia too!!!i've fall in love with it as soon as i saw the CF!

by bigbang on Jun 10, 2008

america, anyone??!?!?!

CMON!!!! >_

by monkeybrainz on Jun 12, 2008

how about singapore ??.. fell for it xD

by Hyun on Jun 17, 2008

I totally love mine.
But, just looking at your names you must really like Korea. lol ^ ^ Big Bang RULES!
Oh, and mashimaro.

by asdfgh on Jun 18, 2008

I want one!!!

by Maho0oy on Jun 28, 2008

wut about Dubai - UAE
i saw the adv. by tvxq
i love that phone and i want it !!!
its so0o unfair

by awesome person on Jul 2, 2008


by bomi on Jul 5, 2008

that's sop not fair the Haptic phone sound relly cool and it's only avilible in South Korea. Please send alot over to america.

by sisiel on Jul 6, 2008

this product only in korea?! how about Indonesia?!

by Lub_suju on Jul 7, 2008

Hey, Singapore does it coming in.. I damn love this phone so much after i watch TVXQ CF on net.. I love it.. Hope Samsung will bring in to Asia..

by frenchiepink on Jul 8, 2008

america pleeese i wwant it soooo bad

by sunny<3korea on Jul 11, 2008

ahh!! i want this phone! gosh i wish i lived in korea.
i think that is the advantage of living in korea. nice phones. i hope hope hope beg beg for haptic comes to america i would buy it 100%!

by maddy on Jul 17, 2008

gah, do you know how bad i want one? why only release it in korea, you bastards!

by DBSK <3 on Jul 19, 2008

Does anyone know any site that let you order this phone online??
I want it soo bad! T___T

by ssela` on Jul 20, 2008

Is this the same as Samsung Omnia?

by keiko on Jul 28, 2008

isnt it DBSK do to ads of this phone... love it..
i saw solbi and andy(We got Married) used this phone and it so cool...
i really wanna have it tough...
is this phone use simcard? gsm?

by America?!? on Jul 29, 2008

America plz!!!



by .... on Jul 30, 2008

i want this phone

by smac on Aug 1, 2008


by Sophie on Aug 8, 2008

Guess this phone wont come to Europe? Ah, we never get anything!! T-T I'm so jealous!!

by sheaux on Aug 12, 2008

this is available in singapore!

by nite_gyrl on Aug 12, 2008

come to usa usa usa!!!!!!!!!!! i want that phone!!!

by Janice on Aug 17, 2008

OMG~! Korea Only~! :'( Oh How I Wish I lived In Korea... x.x" Will It Ever Be Sold In Canada~!??? :'(

by koey on Aug 17, 2008

sell in america, please!!!

by CRiiSTaL1LoVe on Aug 18, 2008

I fell inlove with it after seeing the CF with Dong Bang Shin Ki and a lot of my favorite S. Korean celebrities...
I wish it'll be sold in the states soon!!!!!!! DX

by jula on Aug 20, 2008

sell in Brunei too....pleassssse

by PT :D on Aug 24, 2008

They will be selling this worldwide as 'Omnia'
although the operating system would be Windows Mobile, the phone itself is the same.

by lalala on Sep 1, 2008

ooooohh NO!!!!! indonesia, too pleasee!!

by GirlsGeneration<3 on Sep 7, 2008

I want this phone, Norway too please...
Loving it more after the DBSK and SNSD CF.

by RBB on Sep 24, 2008

i think they should sell it somewhere else as well....
OMG....its sooo nice....
sell it in HONG KONG!!!!!!!!!!!

by wonder girls~! 2 on Sep 28, 2008

AMERICA~! i think it wil come out in america in 2012 or 2010. I DID C some on the internet that it came out in the US...i want the red one.

by ~LovingDBSK~ on Oct 11, 2008

Wah, I want it too! Make it available in Hong Kong please, if it's not coming to Europe~~! ^^

by o.o on Oct 21, 2008

sheaux serious!?they are selling it in singapore?!

omg where?i cant find it! D: then haptic phones are called omnia phones in Asia instead?

by zoe on Dec 9, 2008

i really like that phone. Put it for sale in england please

by Ema on Dec 27, 2008

is it only in korea ?

by Elizabeth on Jan 2, 2009

iam in dubai and i really liked this phone so plz can u sell it in dubai !


by shawn on Jan 2, 2009

is that the same as the haptic? if so, they now sell in America! only for Verizon though :(

by ledzep on Jan 9, 2009

I'm 24 years old ,when it will be in mauritius island i will touch on my 60 years old .
Plz tell me when the phone arrive hong kong so that I will fly too.

by VicVic on Feb 2, 2009


by d: on Feb 15, 2009

why are all the good phones released in every country except the U.S.?

by samantha on Feb 22, 2009


by hey on Feb 28, 2009

Get the Samsung Omnia - it's the same thing pretty much.

by Chris on Mar 3, 2009

The Haptic phone is in America. You just need to go to an Asian phone dealer and ask for it. They can get it for you if they dont have it, trust me. And the good thing about it is that you can use it here as it is still a GSM.

by u-know on Mar 22, 2009

cant be like that...... i already waiting this half year......just sell in korea??l love this phone so much...any one know where can buy this phone??

by Gogo on Apr 14, 2009

Samsung haptic! I want it enter to indonesian market

by alive_not_dead on Apr 17, 2009

they are so rude only in KOREA?
i really want this phone so much
when it will be available in PHILIPPINES?

by Sheena on Apr 18, 2009

buy it online or ask some friends from korea to buy it for you. problem solved.

by rea on Apr 23, 2009

saudi arabia also...or better, the whole world! =)) nice phone btw.

by dangg... on Apr 27, 2009

That fone is balla.
i want one.
i wish they sold them in america
i dont think i could afford them at 750$ though
1.make em' in america
2. make em' cheap
3. Give me one

by Arie on Apr 28, 2009

this phone is the same as Samsung Tocco, in Europe (:
except the Tocco features a 5 megapixel cam, but otherwise it's pretty much the same.
I just got mine in pink, can't wait to have it in my hands!
(going to pimp it with tvxq :'D)

by jane on May 12, 2009

does this phone got in Malaysia?

by Daisy on May 12, 2009

If I bought this phone in Korea, would it work in North America? Do they do roaming in South Korea?? I Live in Canada and I really want this phone...

by Angeli Frencillo on Jun 3, 2009

This is really weird. I hope they sell some in the Philippines. It would be an awesome gift for my 18th birthday. Such an amazing invention, better than the bulky iPhone. :D

If anyone knows where this can be availed, please do post it. I'll wait for it to come here, and I ain't buying it if it's too expensive; I'll be waiting for its price to reduce to 10,000 or something much cheaper, if not, I'll buy myself and LG Cookie instead. Hahahaha. I love this phone from Boys Over Flowers. And its features are killing me.

by shara. . on Jun 11, 2009

weeee.. i like that phone... wish its also available here in the Philippines..

i want to buy one......

by by hanny on Jun 14, 2009

is it only in korea? is that any chance I can buy it in indonesia ? if I buy it in korea & I use it in indonesia would it work ?

by asd on Jun 17, 2009

saw actors in BOF using this phone.
i want!
singapore singapore singapore!

by shin4ever on Jun 25, 2009

Well, i think Samsung Omnia I900 is the same with Haptic CF. i have the samsung omnia and the features are the same.

by shin4ever on Jun 25, 2009

Samsung tocco, Omnia, and Haptic...their features are all the same but different designs for different places...

by narda on Jul 6, 2009

please do endorse this cell phone in Philippines...

i fall inlove with f4 in korea..oh i mean the cell phone


sarang he yo lee min ho..

by mochikissu on Sep 19, 2009

Aww ! please come to north america ! Please ! I seriously want to have dammit! :O

by ryn on Jan 19, 2010

in korea only???pliz sold this phone [samsung haptic] in soon as possible...please3...
saranghaeyo this much this phone when it sold in Malaysia...i hope it's cheaper...please reply this message...

by yumi on Mar 5, 2010

plz...come to Vietnam!hic...I love this phone when I see BOF...

by Somebody on Mar 15, 2010

Samsung needs to sell these cool Haptic phone in the U.S!

by jjjj on May 9, 2010

is it the same as samsung star?

by lilliephan on Feb 15, 2011

I WANT!!! why no america??? lol

by alexx. on Sep 27, 2011

is only in korea or asia...any chance to come to america???? the phone!!!!