iPhone SDK officially launched

6 Mar 2008 | Apple | 0 comments


Thought this day would never come? iPhone devs, rejoice. Apple has just launched their long awaited SDK, which will be available in any moment is available for download. Update: The download might not work. Keep trying.

Here's some info on the SDK: it will be a free download. For those of you who want to sell your apps on the iTunes App Store, a $99 fee will be required. Developers set the price and get 70% of the sales. No fee is required for free apps.

Okay, this is great news for the developers, but unfortunately, the users will only be able to get their hands on these apps in June, part of a free software update.

Everything will run on the iPod Touch as well, including enterprise features. According to Jobs, there will be a nominal charge for the Touch 2.0 update.

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