Microsoft to buy Danger, maker of the Sidekick

11 Feb 2008 | Financial , Microsoft | 1 comment


What does a company with lots of money do when it can't innovate anymore? You guessed it. It goes out and starts buying everybody.

This time, it looks like Microsoft will be acquiring Danger Inc, maker of the famous Sidekick phone by T-Mobile, in an attempt to expand their mobile phone division. No financial terms have been disclosed yet.

"The addition of Danger serves as a perfect complement to our existing software and services, and also strengthens our dedication to improving mobile experiences centered around individuals and what they like," said Robbie Bach, Microsoft's president of entertainment and devices.

In other news, Yahoo has rejected Microsoft's $44.6 billion offer saying that it "substantially undervalues" the company. No response has been yet made on Microsoft's part.

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by kevin on Feb 11, 2008

talk about unexpected, wow. WTF??