Sony Ericsson G900 announced

10 Feb 2008 | Smartphone , Sony Ericsson | 27 comments


Part of their newest G-Series line, Sony Ericsson today introduced the G900 tri-band GSM, WCDMA touchscreen phone.

The Symbian UIQ based G900 comes equipped with lots of high-end features: 2.4 inch QVGA touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus, red-eye reduction, digital image stabilization, and facial recognition. Capacity wise, the G900 featuures 160MB of internal memort and a Memory Stick Micro (M2) card slot for extra memory.

Other features include Opera browser, FM radio, stereo Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, WiFi and handwriting recognition.

Sony Ericsson will start be launching the 13mm G900 candybar in the second quarter of 2008. Price was not revealed.

sony ericsson g900

sony ericsson g900


by jlbr on Apr 7, 2008

i dont know

by mathew on Jun 21, 2008

this is great looking and easy to use phone. i love this phon eandd will be getting one very soon.

by leithes on Jun 26, 2008

i think its a load of turd

by umar on Jul 16, 2008

that is well bad ;) i just want it
no metta how much it costs

by mahmoud ali on Aug 11, 2008

that phone is very good i will have one very soon

by julia on Aug 19, 2008

it is so incredible! i love it! i don't care how mutch it costs i will bye it any way :D

by oussou on Aug 28, 2008

it's perfect and i'll take one very soon

by Anonymous Coward on Sep 5, 2008


by fitra on Sep 15, 2008

i already used this phone..
its great...
dont miss it..

by Rashid on Sep 17, 2008

Hi guys this phone is jusyt great infact this comment is posted by that phone itself(WiFi).

by nono on Sep 19, 2008

I want to buy this phone please any one know how much it cost

by clar,, on Sep 29, 2008

which one is better?? the red one or the brown one??

by christiaa on Oct 11, 2008

in five days i will have it but i don't know which color :) help me :)
the red one or the black/brown????

by kocin on Oct 14, 2008

I think I'll buy the red one. In Czech republic it costs about 7000Kc (cca 400$) - that's the minimal price I've found.

by on Oct 22, 2008

i just bought it its Rp 5.000.000,- in Indonesia include 2gyga external memory .
It's was awesome ...
free wifi every where

by Ishan on Nov 11, 2008

IS this having WIFI?

by emma on Nov 18, 2008

hmm, why have i never seen this phone on the market before. like it though!!

by Lukiii on Dec 29, 2008

brown or red?? it's soo hard to use!!! xD

by mike on Jan 1, 2009

the red one is cheaper than the brown one :)

by Minnie on Jan 13, 2009

OMG this phone is AMAZING i'm totally getting it soon!!!
Does it have WIFI??

by ZiCoN on Feb 7, 2009

The phone does have WI-FI. I'm really happy with mine. Only thing missing is GPS (which I infact do use). The menues are a bit slow, but it seems this could be a firmware issue. But since UIQ is no longer, I have no idea if there ever will be an updated version.

by Anonymous Coward on Sep 14, 2009

how much this phone cost here in the philippines?? thank u!! =)
please send ur comment at my email add..
again..thank u..=)

by jess on Oct 23, 2009

how much is it ?

by johaan on Jan 28, 2010

cnfsed ..! i sud buy e63 or g900 ? is wifi of g 900 gud ????

by tim on Jan 30, 2010

i also wan G900 but some person say i was old le,i dun know wan buy mah.... it this phone good?i see book write it 5.0mega but not enuf K good.... then it music not enuf T707 good... it good is because it got WI-FI~ and then this phone also no need touch skin de,y it put touch skin...

by qlira on Oct 7, 2012

you are crazy

by sina on Dec 5, 2012

i has bought one of this . i was happy by that for a mounth but after this my phones cpu found a problem and i coudnt find one of this