iPhone/iPod Touch 1.1.3 firmware is now Jailbroken

20 Jan 2008 | Apple , Software | 11 comments


Well it didn't take long for the Jailbreak team to hack the brand new 1.1.3 firmware update. Just days after Apple's announcement, a video of a jailbroken iPod Touch running the 1.1.3 firmware has been posted on YouTube.

Some sources are saying that the installing method is too complicated, that's why the release is being delayed, but according to a few Jailbreak officials, the update will be released only after Apple releases the SDK next month.

This is a good move on their part. Finding new ways of hacking the firmware is getting harder and harder. Releasing it now will only give Apple the chance to fix it before the SDK comes out.


by Jackson on Jan 20, 2008

Who will need the jailbreak after the SDK comes out?

by ipod lovr on Jan 20, 2008

they will probably start selling apps and give a cut to the developer.

hopefully that won't happen and just make a list of all the apps, just like they did with the web apps.

by ipod touch221 on Jan 20, 2008

SDK is going to be sick but why did the make the iphine apps for touch if SDK is coming in feb

by clive on Jan 20, 2008

exactly. why waste money on the ipod touch apps if the sdk is coming out next month? $20 is just too much for me. I already paid a lot for my touch

by chris on Jan 24, 2008

when is the sdk comming out exactily bc i cant waight much longer w.e fuck every1

by Norbert on Jan 25, 2008

SDK is coming out in February.

by yomama on Jan 25, 2008

f.ck apple for not including iphone's apps on the ipod touch, seriously, i f.cking paid 400$ for that sh.t

by Anonymous Coward on Jan 26, 2008

yea i already paid for 300$$$ for my ipod touch so f the apple people for making us pay for 20 more $$$ to get the new apps.

by Me on Jan 26, 2008

How do i get installer on my iPod touch v. 1.1.3?

by rocky on Jan 27, 2008

you don't

by whoknows on Feb 6, 2008

you downgrade ipod touch to version 1.1.1 then use jailbreakme.com