T-Mobile launches Sidekick LX for new subscribers

25 Oct 2007 | T-Mobile | 2 comments


T-Mobile has finally launched the new Sidekick LX for new subscribers one week after making it available only to existing customers on October 17th. We have first spotted the Sidekick when it got spoiled by the FCC last month, just a week before the official announcement.

The LX will feature a 3" WQVGA screen, 128MB microSD card, and a camera with flash. You can get it right now for $299 with a 2-year contract.

Or if you prefer, wait for the Slide, the smaller version of the LX, which will start shipping on November 7th for $199 also with a 2-year contract. So who's getting what?

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by Jean C on Oct 25, 2007

Im waiting for the Slide... I cant wairt until it finally releases...!!

by Doug on Oct 25, 2007

Yep, me too. It's cheaper and it SLIDES. No more flipping non-sense.