Google buys Jaiku, may introduce gPhone, analyst says

9 Oct 2007 | Google , Software | 1 comment


It looks like this rumor has now advanced to the stage of 'analyst prediction', which is somewhat more accurate.

According to analyst Douglas Anmuth, Google may be launching a simple, low-priced phone that will be designed to run Internet apps. Nothing new here, we are expecting the exact same thing: a phone made by Google that runs Google apps.

This introduction seems to be more and more closer now with Google's announcement to buy Jaiku, a Finnish micro-blogging platform in order to further expand their mobile phone services. Details of the acquisition have not yet been disclosed.

If you're still in doubt, just remember all the iPhone rumors and that analyst prediction long before its announcement.

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Via Bloomberg

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by johnl on Oct 10, 2007

meh, even if it's coming, it will flop. Google is a software company, they should give everything they have to the iPhone and that's it!