Apple sued over $200 iPhone discount

3 Oct 2007 | Apple , Financial , att | 1 comment


It was bound to happen sooner or later. A lady from New York named Dongmei Li, who bought her iPhone three days after the official release on July 29 is now suing Apple for $1 million because of the $200 price cut from last month, accusing Apple of discrimination, underselling and deceptive actions.

Apparently, she thinks that the iPhone is now too cheap, saying that the $599 price was a more reasonable one. Obviously, she has no idea what's she's talking about and that she's only suing to get some money.

Steve Jobs offered iPhone buyers a $100 Apple store credit after the announcement of the price drop and a $200 refund for those that purchased the phone within 14 days of the price drop.

The world of technology is unpredictable. Today's hottest product will tomorrow become obsolete, so if you're not able to 'emotionally' handle these kind of situations, then you're better off sticking to your Model 500.

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