Apple: Unlocking can brick your iPhone

26 Sep 2007 | Apple , Security , att | 1 comment


In an attempt to scare people off even more, Apple released a press release this week saying that unlocking your iPhone to be used with other carriers besides AT&T may render it useless.

Don't worry, Apple would never do anything to intentionally brick your phone, this is just a scare tactic to show AT&T that they still care. The two companies have an agreement and Apple needs to make sure that people don't run off to other carriers.

Off course, we can all imagine that the first unlocking software was seen as a blessing by Apple, which generated even more iPhone sales.

Apple is planning to release a software update later this week, so be prepared. If you have an unlocked iPhone, make sure the update is safe before installing it yourself.

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by Mike on Jan 16, 2008

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