Verizon sells 3.4 million Chocolates, calls it a 'sweet success'

19 Sep 2007 | LG , Verizon Wireless | 22 comments


Probably 90% of Chocolate owners reading the title above are getting pretty pissed right about now. Verizon Wireless issued a press release today saying that they have managed to sell over 3.4 million Chocolates throughout the US since last summer.

They even called it a 'sweet success'. Interesting. Tell me Verizon, if this thing really is such a smashing hit, why is our last post about the Chocolate being practically flooded by complaints? Oh and LG, instead of trying to come up with new flavors, try fixing your phones to make it at least work properly.

And out of the 3.4 million units sold, how many were thrown away due to faulty hardware? You should probably try to rename it to something like "Crappy Brown" instead of Black Cherry or whatever, that way you could spare a lot of users from this ... burden. I'll leave you with some user testimonials:

"I've never experienced anything like this in my 11 years of Verizon."

"This phone LOOKS Hot, but is a TOTAL BEATER! LG should be banned or dissolved for building such crappy equipment."

"it sucks really. im on my third. go get something else. the choc. is terrible."

"Thank you large cell phone company for never allowing the facts or common sense business to meddle with your customer service policy."

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by James on Sep 19, 2007

only thanks to verizon for making me realize how crappy this phone really is.

by john on Sep 20, 2007

Never a lick of trouble with mine. May be lucky, but some people are just hard on equipment.

by Elias Bagley on Oct 4, 2007

This phone is a joke. It is the single biggest piece of shit I have ever seen. I got my first chocolate 10 months ago. It worked alright and seemed pretty cool for about 8 months, then the touch pad started to break. Some of the touch buttons stopped working, others were hyper sensitive. I traded it in for a new one, and this 2nd one was an even bigger piece of shit than the first one.

Every time I would close the phone, it would die and turn off. I traded the 2nd one in after a week. One fucking week..

So, I'm on my third one right now. I'm starting to think they are giving shittier phones on purpose. This one has lasted for about two months, but then all of the sudden the other day, I was holding it in my hand and the screen turned blank white. I was thinking to my self "what the fuck, whatever, i'll just take the battery out and restart." Didn't work. The display is completely dead, and now it is at the point where I cannot even talk on the phone unless its on speaker phone.

I'm going to my verizon store tomorrow and I'm demanding a new phone. Nothing even similar to the chocolate or I'll go ape shit on them. This has to be the worst phone ever made. Don't get one.

by Mandy on Oct 12, 2007

I have the mint chocolate and I hate it. Yeah ii might look good but once you really get to use it it's total crap. The keys are WAY to sensitive, my phone will just start calling people off of my contact list, it will automatically start to shut itself down when I slide it closed. A friend of mine just got the new chocolate phone and it's 10 times better that mine. I think verizon needs to do something to helps it's customers out because these older model of chocolate it total crap and I hate it!!!!!

by Jill on Oct 14, 2007

jeez im so poed about the chocolate its ridiculos. i hav ehad mine for a year... and now i have a white screen. my dad has had his old lg for 3 years and it has never had a problem! wtf its not fair! they make cellphones so crappy now

by Pete T. on Oct 25, 2007

Whatever you do, don't buy! the chocolate sucks, it's the biggest piece of crap I've ever owned.

by Jay on Oct 28, 2007

I actually sell cell phones full time and i had a chocolate for less than a month before it crapped out. First it would turn itself off whenever someone tried to call me, then it would turn itself off if I tried to change the volume setting of the ringer. Finally one day I tried to view a text message and it restarted, since then all it will do is cycle through the start up animation and not power all the way up. So now i get to see the word "Verizon" on my screen til the battery dies. This phone is a piece of crap and i refuse to sell any more to any customers until verizon gets there act together!! Save time, money, and aggrivation...DON'T BUY THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Aimee on Nov 30, 2007

Do. Not. Buy. This. Phone. Period. My husband and I got chocolates last year and, between the two of us, went through 6 phones before we gave up on Verizon and LG. We are both business owners and our phones get a lot of use. The Verizon rep assured us the chocolate was durable enough for this type of use - and I believed him! Stupid me. Anyway, hubby's 1st phone broke in half within 1 week of purchase. Verizon replaced it for free. I got the white screen of death within 2 weeks of purchase - also got a replacement from Verizon, though with a great deal more fighting than it should have taken. Both our phones stopped working within 3 weeks of replacement. Got refurbished piece of crap chocolates and those are now totally shot, too. My husband is using a rubber band to hold his phone together, neither of our vibrate or speaker phones work, and my phone refuses to charge adequately.

Verizon's "customer service" is a joke, and LG could not care less about the worthless junk they sold us.

....Class action lawsuit, anyone?

by Vaughn on Jan 21, 2008

I will never and I mean never purchase a LG product again. My local Verizon store where I purchased this piece of s--t even says it is a piece of s--t and they want $50 to give me another refurbished unit.Yeah right, like I would even waste my time. Without fail, every single person that I have run into that has the misfortune of owning one of these chocolate stools has been unhappy with it. I will not even go into all of the problems with it because there are so many.It seems that the entire industry from the manufacturers to the carriers have gone extremely downhill as an industry when they pawn this kind of merchandise onto the consumers. Yes on the classaction issue. Enough said.

by Randy on Jan 27, 2008

Yea, i got a chocolate. 13 months later im on my 6th phone and it just broke, they canceled my insurance so now im screwed. lol can't wait to rip verizon a new one tomorrow FUCK the CHOCOLATE and VERIZON

by Amanda on Mar 3, 2008

This is the worst phone I ever had.

by Lauren Marshall on Mar 17, 2008

i have a chocolate...i've had it for a while now, maybe about a year, probably a little less...and just a couple days ago the cancel button kicked the bucket....its so i have to close the phone, and start completely over any time i mess up typing something or looking at something....its a pain in the ass

by Brittany on Mar 30, 2008

This phone is terrible! I have had it a year and I treat it well. My cancel button stopped working, a charge lasts about 2 minutes, it freezes all the time, and the touch keys stop working periodically, so I constantly have to restart it and then it. I had to put in my voicemail as my first contact just so the damn thing would stop calling my grandmother who was the first contact on my list. And now it has started calling the last person I who called me everytime I just open it. It's fucking rediculous. LG should not be allowed to sell such a piece of shit product.

by KAYLA on Mar 31, 2008


by Jamie on Apr 25, 2008

I hate this phone so much!!!!!!!!!! It sucks! My mom bought it for me as a gift for getting good grades. At first it was great but now the touchscreen doesn't work.

by Adam on May 7, 2008

I am extremely pissed off about this phone as well. I infact even called LG who informed me that They told verizon to take it off the market long before they did because they knew there was problems with it. Verizon is still selling this phone, and refuses to fix my phone which is bullshit because this is the 7th Chocolate I have had. Every single on the touch on the top half of the phone stopped working. They wont replace this one, because i purchased the origial phone over a year ago. Yes thats right 7 phones in a year, and they wont replace the 8th because the first, fucking origial phone was purchased over a year ago. FUCK VERIZON they are the bad company who doesn't care about its customers.

by Hating the CHOCO on Jul 24, 2008

I have had 5 of these phones in one year. This phone constantly is breaking. My screen has frozen! I am never touching another one of these. Truly a waste of time talking to the tech dept. Cell phone plans cost so much money you think your phone would last more than three months. They wouldn't let me out of this phone, until NOW. Do not buy this phone.

by Bernard F, on Aug 24, 2008

Same here.. my phone now seems to shut itself off every time I close the thing... I don't know when somebody is calling me.. The volume is crap for the ringer and is never really that loud.. And I hate the lock turning itself off on certain calls.. I cant even name the many times my phone has cut me off in the middle of a call because it has "muted" itself POS

by maggie on Oct 24, 2008

this phone is horrible!
i like the color i got but it used to turn off out of nowhere when i am in the middle of conversation. the other day i pulled it out of my pocket and the inner screen was cracked? the screen doesn't work at all! i am so pissed! i can only call people if i know their number by heart...


by phil tog on Nov 23, 2008

dont buy it it is junk my screen went white in less than a year

by Phil on Dec 7, 2008

I,too, had my Chocolate 2's LCD screen turn white after the one year's service contract expired. Suspicious huh? Humm...think there's a little criminal element going on here? After reading all the rest of these complaints it sure seems like theft by deception or highway robbery after the policy expires...THIMK??

by halie on Aug 16, 2009

my phone is a piece of shit...i got thrown into a pool with my phone and now my touch keypad does not work.....i cant delete my text messages...if i were u i wouldnt buy this phone unless u want a piece of shit.