Sony Ericsson W960i to launch in October?

4 Jul 2007 | Smartphone , Sony Ericsson | 47 comments


Remember that tri-band W960i Walkman Phone announced last month by Sony Ericsson? It looks like the Symbian OS based handset will launch earlier rather than later.

According to a poster on the SE-NSE forums, the company's newest smartphone will roll out in October and not in December as some people thought. The poster first talked to a Carphone Warehouse employee then to a Sony Ericsson representative that confirmed the launch date.

We remind you that the W960i will feature a a 2.6", 262k color TFT touchscreen (240 x 320 pixels), a 3.2 megapixel camera with 3x digital zoom, Walkman Touch Player, an 8GB hard drive and Wi-Fi.

sony ericsson w960i


by Jack on Jul 5, 2007

This phone has lots of great features, too bad it's not as hyped as the iPhone.

by Dan on Jul 14, 2007

It looks great i'm thinking of getting it , looks good but depends on the price

by Mikael on Jul 16, 2007

Looks pretty cool, large screen (as the N95), good camera, very nice design - whoah 8GB integrated memory!!! It's gonna be interesting to see how the touch-screen works and what it costs - I WANT ONE!

by richard on Jul 24, 2007

Its more powerful and crazy to handle. if you dont lauch it before the end of july i'm not going to have it again so please spead up. continue with greater innovations.

by Noel Omware on Jul 27, 2007

When is this monster going to be launched?
I need one and i need it now.This is so much power i reckon my hands will melt off.Kudos.For the record,am SE's number one fan.Send me a sample,u know-to give u feedback on how it will be received.Cheers u all

by Noel Omware on Jul 31, 2007


by Alex on Aug 2, 2007

thats sexzness

by Azwar on Aug 7, 2007

This some Gangsta shit. I hope they strike when the iron is hot........ This will fade the fate off all cell launching along side...


by bob on Aug 8, 2007

iz da whole key pad touch screen or just those three keys?

by varun on Aug 14, 2007


by Anonymous Coward on Aug 14, 2007

just the screen and 3 keys

by Anonymous Coward on Aug 15, 2007

cost cost cost cost????????????????????

by Inshaaf on Aug 16, 2007

Can i get a specific d8 on wen it wil b launched n wil there b any promos runing around da country
Please get back 2 me asap

by Igor on Aug 16, 2007

Why no memory card

by c2 on Aug 21, 2007

how much will it cost?and when is the exact date that they will sell it?

by bic on Aug 25, 2007

I'm planning to get this unit yet it has some features I don't quite get.

Does a stylus come with it?

"Walkman Touch Player" >> Does this mean that its touchscreen is only good for the walkman menu? How about just the plain menu?

by Dr. Sony on Sep 5, 2007

The phone will launch 4th October everyone. It will cost 349

by Neelz on Sep 5, 2007

when is it launching....?am not goin for 91i jus coz i saw this much its gonna cost....?do provide some more and so on......

by dhanush on Sep 9, 2007

i really likes its style but how much it will cost?i am hoping that it would come under my budget

by dhanush on Sep 9, 2007

is it true statement that this handset costs $349

by ayiri on Sep 13, 2007

buying this if it cost less than $900

by Anonymous Coward on Sep 16, 2007

its cost is 22735 RS only

by Scotty_D on Sep 28, 2007

This handset is going to be amazing...
i have heared it compared to the iphone so many times...
it is going to blow the flip off my w710i... but i am going to miss the built in pedometer and fitness center... but the free wifi makes it so worth it I AM GETTING THIS...

by Aaron on Sep 30, 2007

Do you get a stylus with the phone?

by ASTY J on Oct 1, 2007


by haha on Oct 2, 2007 very happy

by hmmm on Oct 5, 2007

now the 5th of november and no release,
well now for the correct date: 22nd october if the offical release date for the w960i,
and for the k850i its the 10th october and w910i 15th october.
all 3 phones are now available at for pre-order sim free, w960i=419.08, w910i=313.33, k850i=359.03.
i hop this is what you guys have been waiting for.
not long now till its released.

by hmmm on Oct 5, 2007

sorry for the cockups in my words, it is 1am in the morning :)

by Next_Level on Oct 31, 2007

I Can't wait anymore 4 dis phone!!!!!
I want it NOW!!!!

by wright on Oct 31, 2007

Sony ericsson w960i wowww , i have not seen a phone like this , it is classical , amazing and awesome , clarity of voice , it is indeed the flagship of technical prowess . touch sensitive screen making it even easier to navigate around. Along with a great design it comes complete with an internal memory of 8GB which will be more than enough to store thousands of music, videos and images,The display used on the Sony Ericsson W960i Mobile Phone is a 262,144 colour touch screen which gives a resolution of 240x320 pixels making it visible in even the worse lighting conditions
why wasting time and delay go get yours now to buy contact me via or you call wright on

+447045765671 if calls is not received on time then send an email.

by rosina on Nov 4, 2007

when is dis fne cumin out i herd it goin 2 cum out in october but its november now but still no sign of it i wana atleast knw da date does ne1 knw wen it is cumin out

by Arun Suvarna on Nov 6, 2007

will anyone please tell me , when w960i ig gonna launch in india.i m desperately in for a new handset and the wait is getting long now.when r we gonna get it in india?

by Maria on Nov 16, 2007

hey x x I have got this fone and it is preeti amazin x x i already have 4000 songs on it and it has the best quality of sound in the speakers that when i first bought it i was hyper. i got it for 423 and for the price it is amazing x x x

by XYZ on Nov 21, 2007

Its really cool I too want to buy

by Valek on Dec 1, 2007

My word, according to that link its not out until the 25th Jan 2008. but subject to change...

and fr 530.... thats alot....

by Nishfa on Dec 2, 2007

wel.. have seeen n heard lots n lots abt this phone.. but sumbody pls tel me the price...

by kitu on Dec 7, 2007

is it launched in india?
how much it costs?

by Robinson on Dec 17, 2007

Is W960i launcehed in India? or yet to launch?
If launched in which part of India is it available?

by Korel on Dec 18, 2007

..........more than two months no sign of launch

by diablo on Dec 22, 2007

it cost me 640USD to get one

by praveen on May 5, 2008

can anybody tell me the present cost of this w960i

by Anonymous Coward on May 24, 2008

Plz tell me its price in rupee and also the store frm where if in mumbai...waiting plz...

by varvie on Aug 25, 2008

is the camera nice?
how much if in the filipino money?

by totamumsUsedo on Aug 20, 2012

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