YouTube to stream on the iPhone

23 Jun 2007 | Apple , Google | 3 comments


Looks like Google and Apple have teamed up to bring YouTube to the iPhone, making this the 12th app that will come with your phone on launch date.

The iPhone won't support flash, so the videos will be encoded in a new advanced H.264 format that will deliver a better video quality and presumably save battery life. Apple has promised that more than 10,000 YouTube videos will be available when the iPhone comes out next Friday. They will have everything encoded in the new format by this fall.

I bet everybody knows, but as a reminder the 4GB model will cost $499 and the 8GB model will be priced at $599. Official launch date: June 29 6pm. Watch the video below for more info about the YouTube app.


by G on Jun 23, 2007

wow!! But I think this will only work on Wifi, unless you have money to spend to stream those videos on edge.

by Josh H. on Jun 23, 2007

So this was that super secret app everybody was talking about a few weeks ago? Jeez!

by iphonestory on Jun 24, 2007

The only thing to make is to wait for the 29 june and to test it by themselves: -)