LG launches Google Phone in Europe

23 Jun 2007 | Google , LG , Vodafone | 9 comments


Google an LG have teamed up to bring us the ... Google Phone. It's not exactly what we expected to see, but Google already said they weren't building a phone so this is better than nothing, right?

It looks like LG didn't really build the phone from scratch either. They took the existing VX8500 Chocolate slider, made a small redesign and renamed it to KU-580.

Features include a 2" widescreen display, a 2 megapixel camera and a small camera for video calls, MP3 player, FM radio, dedicated music keys and stereo Bluetooth. The 3G slider will also feature Google apps like Google Search, GMail and Google Maps.

The LG Google Phone will be carried by Vodafone and is already available in France and Italy. Other European countries will follow shortly.

lg google phone

lg google phone front


by Michel on Jun 23, 2007

This is so lame. It's not even a Google phone, there are just some apps that can be added to any phone, nothing more.

This sucks!

by Vander Berk on Jun 23, 2007

they will probably double the price just because of the Google applications.

by Bill on Jun 24, 2007

One presumes that Michel owns one of the phones, since he's so ready to knock it. I wonder why he didn't tell us more about his personal experience with it?

by Anon on Jun 29, 2007

This is indeed lame. Any Internet enabled mobile handset with a browser can access Google and the Google Apps. Google's downloadable/installable Apps runs on many mobile handsets - and are available for free.

@Bill: Get an even remotely up to date handset with a data plan and try for your self before posting Luddite remarks.

Personally, I have a BlackBerry 8700, and I love the GMail, GMaps and GTalk mobile installable Apps. They work amazingly well.

by courtney on Jul 19, 2007

the Lg Chocolate is the most greateast phone in the world

by nicole on Dec 20, 2007

that is so sick

by dude on Jan 16, 2008

I think it stupid when people argue over comment boxes...haha

by lacy on Jan 24, 2008

its a really cool phone and all but i definitly agree with michel...its not even a google phone and they are just going to say it is so they can get more money off it

by ? on Sep 17, 2008

i think google hould put there logo on a pancake and eat it