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iPhone to support third-party Web 2.0 apps

11 Jun 2007 | Apple , att | 4 comments


At a pretty unimpressive WWDC today in San Francisco, Apple announced that its over-hyped iPhone will run Web 2.0 applications on launch. We knew this announcement was heading our way when Steve Jobs spilled the beans at the D Conference two weeks ago.

The company said that the apps created using Web 2.0 standards will look and behave just like the the applications built in the iPhone and that it won't compromise the phone's reliability and security.

We remind you that the iPhone will start shipping in 18 days, on June 29. Even Apple thinks this phone has been over-hyped, so please wait before deciding to camp out for a $600 phone.

apple iphone hand


by Tom Something on Jun 12, 2007

Even Apple thinks this phone has been over-hyped? Does your office chair have a hole in the bottom through which you can squeeze out tidbits of knowledge like these? Analysts seem pretty certain that Apple delayed the Leopard release to put out the iPhone on time. Would they do that for a product that they don't expect to live up to its hype?

by Core on Jun 12, 2007

I don't blame them! It prolly won't live up to our expectations, but I'll still be campin out :P

by dom jr on Jun 12, 2007

does the iphone look smaller or is it just me?

by am9668 on Jun 14, 2007

it is small, it only measures 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.46 inches. and weighing less that 5 ounces it's gonna be as small and light as it is sweet!