Motorola RIZR Z8 starts shipping

30 Jun 2007 | Motorola | 3 comments

If you're sick of hearing about the iPhone, here's something else you might find interesting. After announcing it this February at 3GSM 2007 in Barcelona, Motorola has now started shipping the RIZR Z8 slider. The MOTORIZR Z8 will feature a...

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Apple to allow 2 iPhone purchases per person

28 Jun 2007 | Apple | 0 comments

Were you planning to buy a dozen iPhones like Scott Bourne? Or buy 50 phones and sell them on eBay for 10 times the price? Say goodbye to your get-rich-quick schemes because Apple has set new iPhone purchasing rules: a...

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Next version of iTunes to sell iPhone ringtones?

28 Jun 2007 | Apple , Rumors | 0 comments

Beware ringtone freaks! There seem to be some rumors floating around that the next version of Apple's iTunes (7.3) will have a new ringtone feature that will let you convert any song into a 30 second ringtone with a "Turn...

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YouTube to stream on the iPhone

23 Jun 2007 | Apple , Google | 3 comments

Looks like Google and Apple have teamed up to bring YouTube to the iPhone, making this the 12th app that will come with your phone on launch date. The iPhone won't support flash, so the videos will be encoded in...

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LG launches Google Phone in Europe

23 Jun 2007 | Google , LG , Vodafone | 9 comments

Google an LG have teamed up to bring us the ... Google Phone. It's not exactly what we expected to see, but Google already said they weren't building a phone so this is better than nothing, right? It looks like...

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