Sony Ericsson P1 smartphone announced

8 May 2007 | Smartphone , Sony Ericsson | 13 comments


Sony Ericsson today unveiled the P1, the company's 5th generation P-series smartphone. Measuring only 17mm thick, this handset is 25% smaller than the previous P990.

The Sony Ericsson P1 runs on Symbina OS v9.1 and it features a 2.6-inch, 262k color (240 x 320 pixels) TFT touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus, QWERTY keyboard, Media player with MP3/AAC/AAC+/e-AAC+ support, 160MB internal memory and of course the traditional 512MB card in the box, M2 card slot for extra memory and FM radio with RDS. Other features include push email, VoIP support, WLAN (802.11b), Bluetooth with A2DP, Infrared and USB 2.0.

The P1 is a tri-band GSM phone. It also has UMTS (2100MHz), but that's useless for the folks in the US. That's about all we know for now. Oh and that it will launch in the third quarter of this year. No info about the price was given yet.

sony ericsson p1
sony ericsson p1 camera


by noah on May 8, 2007

Been waiting for a an upgraded for some time now. Now I have more phones to chose from.. GREAT!

by mark on May 8, 2007

Very sharp. Too bad we'll never see it this side of the pond. If it's a P990 replacement, it's not gonna be cheap.

by karl g. on May 8, 2007

I still have my P990 and I'm happy with it. This looks great as well and wouldn't mind a replacement.

And Mark, I think you're right about the price! :) This will rock.

by demo on May 9, 2007

great but with the n95 out there sony ericsson's ability to build really great (meaning the top ones) cellphones is still on doubt
as for me

by Zman on May 9, 2007

It is not a quad phone :( too bad - how is going to compete against offers from Nokia (N95, E90 even E61i)?, I was hoping that this would be a quad phone and has more features like built in GPS, etc. Disappointed again with SE smartphones.

by sony on May 9, 2007

yea ... I was looking forward for something more exciting when I first heard about the P1. Meh, hope they won't price it up because no one will buy it! As Zman said .. there are already better alternatives, so you better make this one cheaper sony ericsson !!

by NACEK on May 10, 2007

To high price for to small advantages in comparison with N-93 even with Motorola V3x

by Richard on May 11, 2007

Now this looks like a nice phone(I have the P990 myself) but they are still far from the Nokia N95, and besides, ASUS has already been there and with an integrated GPS with this! Still one step behind.

by game jr on May 24, 2007

phon iz slick & tyt bt da price iz big & large.they gota lay low 999.98$ iz way biggr than sony ercsn.fill me? lowa tha price and ill leave ma n93

by Naveed cheema on Jun 5, 2007

i m waiting for this phone before but now i changed my mind. this is not alternate of N95.

by Flash on Jun 20, 2007

What is the cost???????????

by jhon on Dec 2, 2007

this mobile is cool but N95 8 gb is more good

by brent on Jan 5, 2009

i like my k850i. what do u think is better