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Danger Zante - a new Sidekick on its way?

11 Apr 2007 | Rumors , T-Mobile | 3 comments


While searching Flickr, Aaron Landry, who's not exactly a Sidekick fan (worth mentioning), found some pictures posted by two Danger employees that contained some pretty interesting information. According to Flickr, the pictures had been taken with a Danger Zante.

After finding out that they're all over the internet, the guys from Danger quickly pulled all the pictures, but they're not entirely gone, they're still in Google's cache. But don't get excited. The quality isn't all that good. In fact the camera sucks.

No other info was posted on Flickr, but at least we know the phone is out there.

sidekick danger zante

Via s4xton


by inspr on Apr 11, 2007

yea, really! the images are crap. I've seen them! wish I hadn't! my last sidekick lasted about 3 months before it died on me...

by sidekick sucks on Apr 13, 2007

sidekick blows! why do you people keep getting it? I know a guy that returned it 6 times. I did it once ... and I didn't get another one.

by jake on Apr 13, 2007

this is so obvious... for a guy that has thousands of pictures on his flickr do you think he doesn't know how to set one of them as private? please! they wanted this to be leaked from the start so that it would get some attention. that's how it works nowadays