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CTIA 2007:Samsung m620 renamed to "Upstage"

26 Mar 2007 | CTIA , Samsung , Sprint Nextel | 8 comments


Sprint will be launching its newest music phone from Samsung this week at CTIA 2007, but not before renaming it to something more appealing. It still doesn't sound like something I would buy, but it manages to point out the main feature of this dual face handset.

The Samsung Upstage comes equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera, touch-sensitive music controls, built-in speakers, stereo Bluetooth, microSD card slot and streaming TV, video and music capabilities.

That's about all we know for now, more info at CTIA this week.


Via Engadget


by unkown on Apr 29, 2007

im so gettin this fone it rocks hard

by CCC on May 4, 2007

this phone is pimp thats aswome

by Humminator on May 23, 2007

You all wish you had this phone

by jf on Jun 4, 2007

have it... love it!

by pat on Jun 6, 2007

getting one...tomorrow yay!

by Kristie on Jun 11, 2007

isnt it hard to text on this phone??? the screen is soo small and i live for texting

by joshy. on Jun 13, 2007

this phone is absolutely HORRIBLE to text on... DO NOT GET THIS PHONE IF YOU TEXT!

but if you don't text this phone is the way to go

i text a lot and its very difficult. im actually wanting to sell it or swap for a m610.

so if your interested, email me at

by nick on Jun 21, 2007

I just ordered this phone just cause' it is somewhat new without looking at all the comments. Is texting really thatttttt bad? That's what i mostly do from like 5am-11pm =[