There is no gPhone, says Google

22 Mar 2007 | Google , Rumors , Samsung , Smartphone | 1 comment


google-phone-gphone-denied.jpgFollowing last week's rumors regarding a possible partnership with Samsung to create the Google Phone, the search engine giant has quickly issued a statement denying everything.

The company said that they are busy working on software and creating a phone would be a "dramatic shift in the company's business model". They want to port their technologies to mobile devices and they are not interested in developing a handset.

Softbank too denied iPhone rumors a little while ago, and look what happened. So don't give up on this just yet.

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by svetlana on Mar 23, 2007

sergei is too smart to jump into cell phone right now, knowing that iPhone is infringing on american '084 patent which Steve Jobs stole from, not only for iPhone but also for Apple TV and future Apple Tablet. Google is clean company with no crime in history. Steve Jobs is in serious trouble and will get caught because competitors cant let him get away with murder like he wants to.

watch for courts to block Apple. google will do phone honestly and will not make same mistake as Apple. germany SAP may fight larry ellison by making court ask ellison with oath to show how he helped steve jobs do theft, and then commit fraud and sec fraud with iPhone and apple tv

sap, lg, motorola, etc have common enemy now: steve jobs + larry elison, and so their secrets will come outside google is too smart for same mistake. will make phone when they know how to do it with honesty, later