T-Mobile USA launches the MOTORIZR Z3

21 Mar 2007 | Motorola , T-Mobile | 2 comments


Motorola and T-Mobile USA have announced today the launch of the MOTORIZR Z3 GSM slider phone.

It comes with a 1.9" screen, 2.0 megapixel camera with 8x zoom, camera light, dedicated camera button, microSD card slot for up to 2GB of memory, video capture and playback, USB 2.0. It also features integrated Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free connectivity with compatible stereo Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The quad-band MOTORIZR Z3 is available right now from T-Mobile for the price of $99 with a 2-year contract.

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by tobey on Mar 21, 2007

isn't motorola reading out comments?! we are sick of your r*zr phones! please launch something fresh!

it's not that it sucks, but it's getting old .. so yes, it sucks! whatever, don't listen to me.

by b-rad on Apr 21, 2007

is that the razr u mean