More Google Phone clues: a possible gPhone?

13 Mar 2007 | Google , Rumors , Samsung , Smartphone | 25 comments


There hasn't been anything to drool over in more than two months, since Apple announced the iPhone back in January. But now, more clues emerge, indicating a possible existance of a gPhone from Google. The info was part of a survey received by a MobileBurn forum member.

Apparently, the yet to be announced Google Phone will be designed by Samsung, and will include a large screen, QWERTY keyboard, a 2 megapixel camera, 3G, WiFi and other Google services like Search, Gmail, Maps, Blogger. The services will be available under a monthly Internet fee.

We also have a price tag on this thing: £50 with a new contract (2-year, possibly) or £199 prepaid. Like I always say, we'll just have to wait and see. Image is below, tell us what you think.

google phone samsung gphone


by daers on Mar 15, 2007

I can't belive google teamed up with SAMSUNG! They have the worse designed phones I have ever seen. It looks really bulky. I dunno.

by Steve on Mar 20, 2007

Samsung has some of the best phone designs and their durable to boot! This phone will not beat.. but rather compete very hard against the iphone.. the only thing that may make or break this phone will be the provider.

by winter on Aug 29, 2007

I think it looks cool..too bad its not sanyo!!
I hope its on SPRINT!!!

by You fools.. on Sep 12, 2007

my people are such fools...already drooling over the next best waste of money... Don't you know that a few months after that there will be another best mobile phone in the world ? And then again a few months after that ? And again ? And again ? For like....ever ? Oh you didn't know? Yea, that's how it works... technology is ever evolving so rapidly and there's so much new crap out there all the time that we miss most of the really good stuff because we are all too busy drooling over stupid junk like the next best mobile phone in the world... How many people who buy these super expensive handsets with 1 million bells and whistles do you think actually utilize what they pay for ? i'd say about 1 out of a 100. Most people could get buy with one of those free phones you get at signup - and never have any need for a phone that actually costs them money. Having these super computer phones is like a fashion statement....just like buying overpriced starbucks coffee instead of whatever else from wherever else. You know what...on second thought...go your money..and then splurge it all on these stupid toys.. After all..its all the idiots who can't wait that buy the phones at their most expensive price and make the profits for the company so they can eventually lower the price for the rest of "smart people" who waited. Then those people buy the phones at discounted prices..and re-sell them for profit to all of the same morons they wasted their money on those buggy, glitchy, 1st gen handsets. lol

by Tom on Oct 8, 2007

get a life asshole... what happened, couldn't afford an iPhone so you're here crying about it now ? grow up !
we love technology and can afford it. got a problem with it ?

by Gavin on Oct 12, 2007

"u get a life asshole... what happened , u couldn't afford and iPhone so you're here crying about it no? grow up!
we love technology and can afford it. got a problem with it?"
claimed Tom a.k.a. asshole. lol
yeah well I have an i phone u lil dumbshit!

by roshan on Oct 12, 2007

really,samsung have no good quality of camera feature.

by tamy on Oct 14, 2007

to the gavin guy... why do you even care if you have the iphone? your kinda a hypercrite

by G-Unit on Oct 15, 2007

Samsung makes some of the coolest looking phones. I think teaming up with Samsung is a great idea for Google. Im not sure if that is exactly what the phone will look like but im sure Google isnt going to release some BS phone that cant compete so it should be cool.

by dhannie kristanto on Dec 27, 2007

looks not bad
i hope it's really like what i think. when it will be in Indonesia's market?

by wish i could have it on Jan 3, 2008

the gphone looks tight but thats proly not the real thing but samsung always makes good phones so im not worried bout looks just hope 4 no glitches, and hope it comes on tmobile and that guy whos dissin tech buyers is a hippocrit

by shut up on Jan 3, 2008

iphone sucks nuts for not comin on tmobile. lil bitch ass steve jobs sucks nuts too and so does his fine ass mama who i fucked and skeeted on last night ......shutup

by CJay on Feb 1, 2008

I hope it comes out for sprint...cuz iPhone sucks...


by dimitri(DiBz) on Feb 25, 2008

I'm geTtin DaT pH0nE........

by nice.. on Feb 25, 2008

I am getting this if it does come out. Have seen so many gphone designs over the last few months but have to say, like this one the most.

Google to rule the world... :)

by apple administrator on Apr 15, 2008

this is a nice a phone but are phone is better cause we so many features itunes store, ipods, toch screen
and better technology just wait in the end of 2008 when the 3g iphone comes out and in 2009 next generation iphone slider

by bill gates on Apr 15, 2008

iphone smells like ass, the gphone is gay, in 2009 there will be a new cellphone that is gonna have modern thing u can think of thats the microsoft phone or known as the xphone like xbox. so all of u looser suck dick and fuck your self with your gphones and iphones.

by shady on Jul 17, 2008

can't wait to upgrade to this new phone from my old POS Helio. Get it on the market damnit! My contract just expired!

by michael on Aug 6, 2008

it looks like the coolest phojne ever, I hope its on T-mobile

by mariah on Sep 18, 2008

i want it!!!!! its sooo cool
i dont care how bulky it is
its pretty flash

by Msd1910 on Sep 25, 2008

It looks awesome i will def get one as soon as they come out hope they are on t mobile tho my contracts up in feb does anyone know about any specs and programs on the phone

by tatel on Sep 29, 2008

looks good but the problem is i dont have the money to buy that phone!lol

by bob on Oct 15, 2008

looks cool, but not worth the time to obsess over.

by nikki on Oct 16, 2008

its like the sidekick and the iPhone had a baby. I LOVE IT

by benson on Oct 22, 2008

re: tom
u think is pround of having an iphone ?? wt a joke ..... i-phone is not everything