Ron Garriques leaves Motorola

16 Feb 2007 | Financial , Motorola | 2 comments


Remember the president of Motorola's Mobile Devices Ron Garriques? The same guy that leaked a lot of info about the upcoming Motorola devices last month, just a few weeks before the official announcements at 3GSM? Well we don't know if he decided to do this on his own or was forced by Motorola, but Garriques today announced his resignation.

The job will be taken over by Ray Roman, senior VP, global sales and Terry Vega, senior VP, global devices.

In related news, Dell announced that Ron Garriques has been hired to serve as president of a new global consumer organization.


by bill on Feb 18, 2007

I dunno what to think! maybe he got sacked by motorola long ago, but they've waited for ron to get settled somewhere else?

by anon on Feb 21, 2007

If was immediately hired as a president of a Dell subsidiary, I rather think he was NOT sacked, but chose to move up the food chain.