CES 2007: Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

8 Jan 2007 | CES , Nokia | 4 comments

Today represents the start of one of our favorite events, the CES. This is our second coverage of CES so stay tuned because more updates are on their way! Anyway, today Nokia showed off their newest Nseries widescreen mobile device,...

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Apple Phone: more fake leaked pictures

6 Jan 2007 | Apple , Rumors | 3 comments

Macworld 2007 is coming up and people still can't stop posting fake info about the famous Apple Phone. Because photos are always more convincing than boring text, someone decided to go ahead and "digitally alter" a banner (again) and an...

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Motorola Q smartphone launched by Sprint

4 Jan 2007 | Motorola , Sprint Nextel , Verizon Wireless | 0 comments

Sprint today announced the latest addition to their lineup, the Motorola Q smartphone, which makes Sprint the second carrier to launch this phone in the US after Verizon Wireless. We were kinda expecting this to happen, because as you know,...

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