Apple iPhone announced - Rumors do come true

9 Jan 2007 | Apple , Smartphone | 19 comments

We know our last post was a total mess and we apologize for that. We were caught off guard by Apple with this announcement. While reading the live event, we noticed Steve saying that "we're only talking about the Mac...

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Macworld 2007: Apple Phone confirmed

9 Jan 2007 | Apple | 3 comments

We couldn't make it to either CES or Macworld, but we're keeping a close eye on both events. This year however, we are more interested in Macworld than anything else. The reason? You guessed it: the Apple Phone. After YEARS...

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CES 2007: Motorola RIZR Z6 music phone announced

8 Jan 2007 | CES , Motorola | 34 comments

Motorola wasn't as busy at CES 2007 today as Nokia, but it still managed to make an important announcement. The company today unveiled the MOTORIZR Z6 quad-band music phone. Measuring only 16mm thick, the Z6 features a QVGA (320x240 pixels)...

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CES 2007: Samsung u620 announced by Verizon Wireless

8 Jan 2007 | CES , Samsung , Verizon Wireless | 0 comments

The second phone that will support Verizon's yet to be launched V CAST Mobile TV service is the Samsung u620. (first being the LG VX9400) Features of the Samsung u620 are similar to the VX9400 and they include a QVGA...

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CES 2007: LG VX9400 announced by Verizon Wireless

8 Jan 2007 | CES , Nokia | 36 comments

Today at CES 2007, LG and Verizon Wireless announced the LG VX9400 handset, which will feature V CAST Mobile TV, a new service from Verizon Wireless that will allow users to use their phones to watch their favorite TV shows...

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