Verizon said no to Apple's iPhone two years ago

29 Jan 2007 | Apple , Verizon Wireless | 5 comments


It looks like Cingular (now known as AT&T) wasn't the first choice Apple had in mind over two years ago when the company started searching for a carrier. Exclusivity would have been grated to Verizon Wireless, but unfortunately for them, the two company's couldn't come to an agreement.

According to Verizon, Steve Jobs insisted that he have the control over iPhone distribution.This was a problem for Verizon because its other distributors like Wal-Mar and Best Buy would have been left out.

Another problem was the customer service: "They would have been stepping in between us and our customers to the point where we would have almost had to take a back seat ... on hardware and service support," said Jim Gerace, a Verizon Wireless vice president.

The iPhone is expected to ship in June for the price of $499 (4GB) and $599 (8GB).

apple iphone hands on

Via USA Today


by jorge on Jan 29, 2007

The title describes their stupidity .. but after reading the whole article it's clear why the wanted to back out. Steve Jobs is a business man, just like Gates .. and they would do anything to get what they want. These guys are sharks .. eh! anyways! I don't care who's carrying it as long as it's coming out in june

by René Lucha on Jan 30, 2007

I would have been disappointed if verizon had ownership of the iPhone. I would be disappointed because all of verizon's phones are the same menu wise and what would make this phone different? the full touch keypad and hard drive size? not that much better than any other verizon phone, huh?

by mobiedave on Jan 31, 2007

Feels like a storm in a teacup about a device that is not yet available and I can't afford. It may not be as pretty, but it's hard to argue the usefullness of the Alltel approach using widgets (cells)..

by nathan giles on Feb 1, 2007

not a bad phone but lower the price a bit

by Nishu on Feb 1, 2007

True, the title reflects the height of adsurness but then Verizon has its own reasons to stay away from the deal.