Sprint's MOTOSLVR L7c a Best Buy exclusive?

19 Jan 2007 | Motorola , Rumors , Sprint Nextel | 1 comment


Nothing really changed since the last time we talked about the Motorola SLVR L7c for Sprint. In November the company officially announced the handset without giving us any info on the price or availability.

But now, according to one of our tipsters, it looks like the Motorola L7c has become a Best Buy exclusive (for now). We don't know how much this exclusivity is going to last, but if you can't wait any longer just go pick it up at Best Buy.

They are charging $39.99 for the L7c after $290 instant savings without contract. Prepare to pay up to $30 for the cheapest 2 year plan.

motoslvr l7c sprint best buy

Thanks René

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by john on Jan 20, 2007

heh, no thanks! I can wait (AS LONG AS IT TAKES)