CES 2007: Sony Ericsson W880 previewed

8 Jan 2007 | CES , Sony Ericsson | 10 comments


I know this is what you have been waiting for. After months of rumors and low resolution leaked pictures Sony Ericsson dropped the bomb today in Las Vegas at CES 2007 and unveiled the W880 Walkman phone. This announcement was made just to let everyone know that the phone is real. The company didn't give out any other information, so we have no idea what the official specs are. Price was not disclosed either.

This has to be the shortest press release we've seen in a while. They keep on bragging on how many Walkman phones they have sold since August 2005 and that's about it.

The only things they gave us were 2 pictures that don't tell us much, except that it's super-slim and a release date: first half of 2007.

sony ericsson w880 slim
sony ericsson w880 screen


by jake on Jan 8, 2007

So slim ... but where will the camera fit in? And I bet this phone will come with a 3+ megapixel camera, so that's why I'm asking.

by Greg on Jan 9, 2007

I can see the camera in the lower picture by the speaker.

by jake on Jan 9, 2007

No Greg, I thing that's just a secondary camera ... my K800 has one too, but on the right side. The main camera should be on the back of the phone.

by g on Jan 11, 2007

it comes with a 2 mp camera on the back

by GEORGE on Jan 19, 2007


by Iqran on Jan 28, 2007

If you want to see where the camera of w880 is so please visit this site and you will see the camera at the top right of the picture.

by Pink on Feb 19, 2007

I am ordering one of these phones tomorrow! Can't wait what a fantastically looking phone :)

by Lachezar on Mar 27, 2007

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by Jimbob on May 25, 2007

nice phone...but has it got over 1gb of memory??

by jane on Dec 15, 2008

im asking im how much would be this phone is??