CES 2007: Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

8 Jan 2007 | CES , Nokia | 4 comments


Today represents the start of one of our favorite events, the CES. This is our second coverage of CES so stay tuned because more updates are on their way! Anyway, today Nokia showed off their newest Nseries widescreen mobile device, the Nokia N800 Internet Table.

The N800 comes equipped with Nokia's desktop Linux based Operating System featuring a large display (800x480 pixels), full QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, built-in webcam, which will work great with the integrated Skype. According to the company, the N800's battery will last about 10 days in standby or 3 hours in intense Internet browsing mode.

The Nokia N800 is already available in the United States and some Europe markets for the price of 399 EUR/USD. (Nokia please note that a Euro does no longer equal a USD)

nokia n800


by Bigyan on Jan 30, 2007

It is a great phone.With a more dedicated camera it would have been the best. I think it is only for internet browsing.

by Tax Wizard on Feb 13, 2007

(Mobile Guerillero please note that a Euro price includes around 20% VAT and a USD price excludes sales tax)

by DrMurko on Mar 13, 2007

@ Bigyan:
1) Is is not a phone, since it does not have any GSM functionality
2) There is an embedded dedicated camera

by Apollion on Apr 2, 2007

GPRS capabilities for Blackberry like service would have made it a must have for me.

I still don't want to carry my cellphone, blackberry and this device instead of a laptop?