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CES 2007: Motorola RIZR Z6 music phone announced

8 Jan 2007 | CES , Motorola | 34 comments


Motorola wasn't as busy at CES 2007 today as Nokia, but it still managed to make an important announcement. The company today unveiled the MOTORIZR Z6 quad-band music phone.

Measuring only 16mm thick, the Z6 features a QVGA (320x240 pixels) display with 262k colors, GSM and EDGE support, 2 megapixel camera, microSD card slot, music player with Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM), Windows Media Audio (WMA), MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC+ enhanced support, Bluetooth with A2DP stereo support.

The Motorola RIZR Z6 music phone is expected to be available in the first half of 2007.

motorola rizr z6
motorola rizr z6 camera


by jacques mayfield on Jan 11, 2007

can i order this phone from the states i live in australia

by Dinesh Patel on Jan 12, 2007

Hi, How can i buy this phone and who is the provider of this phone? I live in pennsylvania.

by Tam on Jan 13, 2007

May I ask for knowing when this phone will come to Viet Nam... I hope It will apperar soon... I like it

by Doctor on Jan 15, 2007

Hi, may iask when will this phone come out in the states, because I am anxious to get it.

by Honker on Jan 17, 2007

it will come when ur mom picks her nose in a barn filled with cows AND chickens while drinking milk on a handcrafted wodden stool talking to henry, a little ladybug, and tell the bug her life story

by michael on Jan 18, 2007

i pay 1000 for that phone

by chad on Jan 22, 2007

does anyone know where i left my keys?

by GVG on Jan 22, 2007

I love Motorola! RIZR forever! ^_^

by Alin on Jan 23, 2007

I'm from Romania. I belive that in my country will apeare very soon because we are very good at this.(steel stuff) :D ... so i will enjoy it very much.u will not :)) =))

by Norbert on Jan 24, 2007

Nice job promoting your country Alin.

by piloucha on Jan 25, 2007

i loooooooooooooooove it wa333 i love it i love it i would buy it :'(

by Dolphy on Feb 1, 2007

no biersch... no lf.... what LT? GBU? U huh

by mike on Feb 5, 2007

when does it come out

by snoopy on Feb 12, 2007

my name is snoopy!!, do u like my name?

by harry on Feb 19, 2007

this phone is well good how do i order it? its well nice but its a bit like the MOTORIZR Z3

by harry on Feb 19, 2007

o well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

by Junior on Feb 19, 2007

I would like to know the Price and that exact date it comes to Cingular! Some one PLEASE tell me!

by Tyler on Mar 5, 2007

That Phone = God


by Shubaka on Mar 7, 2007

i lub dis pone, it is bery prety. i lub america!
yay america! i lub you all 2. pulease lub me 2!

by chuy on Mar 7, 2007

i just bought this phone on ebay for 220$ and i bought a 2gb micro sd card for 30$, im hoping it goes well, check ebay, theres tons more on there, black blue and red :D

by Dan on Mar 9, 2007

That is a different phone than this one. This phone only comes in a shiny silver. The RIZR Z3 is made in Black, Blue, and Red, and doesn't have the Linux OS, dual processors, or QVGA display that the Z6 supports. The Z3 (in black, blue, red) has been available for almost a year now, whereas this phone hasn't been officially released anywhere yet. The RIZR Z3 is coming to T-Mobile within a month or two, and my guess is that it will take a LONG time for it to come to any American provider, if it ever does...

by mark on Mar 9, 2007

where can i buy the z6?

by Pak on Mar 17, 2007

damn. will it ever come out for verizon? cause i want it. and where the hell do i get it besides online? like which store? i live in Cali, USA so if someone could tell me it'll be greatly appreciated

by DSommer on Mar 20, 2007

This phone looks cool. I think Tmobile is going to have the Z3 out on 3/26/07. I am not sure though. I want to get this phone. Take a look at the Z8. Not sure when that one is coming out, but it looks AMAZING compared to this phone. It has more features too.

by idali on Apr 2, 2007

does anyone kno where i can buy it?

by Hot Stuff on Apr 8, 2007

man i went to skool with my motorizr z3 and i showed it 2 the teachers and insted of getting me in trouble...they said wow that is a tight keep up the good work

by Michael on Apr 8, 2007

i want 2 buy the motorizr z6 soooooooo bad .....oh i am 13 and my mom said she was going to buy me that fone 4 my birth day....7/27..........

by Joo on Apr 23, 2007


by Paul on Apr 26, 2007

Will this phone ever come out in Verizon?
Verizon is a good wireless service provider, but they have the gayest phone ever. I went to the mall 3 weeks ago and T-mobile already has it. If anyone knows when this phone comes out in verizon. please tell me!!!!

by Cell Phone Expert on May 9, 2007

This phone has more music capabilities than the rizr z3. And its basic design has changed slightly if u notice the buttons. besides that i would say its a pretty well put together phone. but to much like the old one.

by Bush on Sep 8, 2007

Is this phone going to be in AT&T? I really want this phone.

by jessica on Dec 23, 2007

how do you put music on this phone anyways ive been trying to put some but i can't

by Emily on Nov 8, 2008

If u wanna no the price it is round $300 for 2 year contract is about $60 im getting one im verizon!

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