Verizon said no to Apple's iPhone two years ago

29 Jan 2007 | Apple , Verizon Wireless | 5 comments

It looks like Cingular (now known as AT&T) wasn't the first choice Apple had in mind over two years ago when the company started searching for a carrier. Exclusivity would have been grated to Verizon Wireless, but unfortunately for them,...

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Motorola leaks new 3G handsets

26 Jan 2007 | Motorola | 1 comment

Well it's not a exactly a leak, it's more like a preview of several new phones that Motorola is planning to launch in the near future. It's just like what Sony Ericsson did with the W880 but without the cool...

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Sprint's MOTOSLVR L7c a Best Buy exclusive?

19 Jan 2007 | Motorola , Rumors , Sprint Nextel | 1 comment

Nothing really changed since the last time we talked about the Motorola SLVR L7c for Sprint. In November the company officially announced the handset without giving us any info on the price or availability. But now, according to one of...

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LG and Prada launch the unaffordable phone

19 Jan 2007 | LG | 8 comments

Looks like every designer wants to get out there and have its own super-expensive phone. This is nothing we haven't seen before and will probably see more of it in the future (Armani phone?). Anyway, the features include a touch...

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Motorola KRZR K1 finally launched by Cingular

13 Jan 2007 | Cingular , Motorola | 5 comments

Back in October, we were telling you about some rumors that Cingular will be launching the Motorola KRZR K1 sometime in November. The rumor was true, even though the anonymous tipster got the launch date all wrong. The MOTOKRZR comes...

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