RIM sues Samsung because of BlackJack

10 Dec 2006 | BlackBerry , Cingular , RIM , Samsung , Smartphone | 3 comments


Almost a year after settling with NTP for $612 million, Research in Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry, is back in the court. This time they are not the ones being sued. The company has filled a lawsuit against Samsung in Los Angeles Federal Court. The Korean cell phone maker is accused of trademark infringement because it named one its recent products "BlackJack". (which was launched last month by Cingular).

To be honest, this is the first time I notice that the word "black" is in both products. It's not at all confusing. So what was RIM thinking? They could pull off a settlement and recover whatever they lost with NTP? Dream on! This lawsuit is going nowhere.


by Danny on Dec 11, 2006

Suing for the word Black? lololol

by JB on Dec 11, 2006

This will never hold in court! The whole thing is actually pretty funny if you ask me.

by Brad Pitt on Feb 17, 2007

Black Jack that is funny ...