Samsung Z720 officially launch (thinnest HSDPA Slider)

30 Dec 2006 | Samsung | 1 comment

Okay Samsung, we understand you manufacture the world's thinnest, smallest slimmest phones, but stop insisting so much! Anyway, after being announced in August, Samsung today decided to officially launch their newest record breaking phone, the world's thinnest HSDPA slider, the...

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Apple phone to be/not be called the iMobile

26 Dec 2006 | Apple , Rumors | 4 comments

After some unconfirmed rumors last week saying that the Apple phone will be called "iMobile" (actually this was just made up by a bunch of kids who read the news about the iPhone name already being taken) a second source...

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Samsung launches another "World's First" phone

20 Dec 2006 | Samsung | 1 comment

After launching the world's slimmest phone, the world's slimmest slider and the world's first 8GB hard disk smartphone, Smasung today unveiled yet another record breaking handset, the V960 featuring the word's first optical joystick. So what is it with this...

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Cingular adds MySpace to its phones

18 Dec 2006 | Cingular | 3 comments

In an attempt to attract more drunk youngsters, Cingular today announced that it will offer MySpace on its phones. I wonder if they decided to launch this service before or after finding out that MySpace is now the largest site...

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iPhone announced, but not by Apple

18 Dec 2006 | Apple | 8 comments

Every rumor you read last week about an official announcement of the iPhone turned out to be true after all. Linksys today unveiled the iPhone Skype compatible VoIP phone. Cisco, the parent company of Linksys, has owned the iPhone name...

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